The stuff that fever nightmares are made of

Did you know that the ever creepy Willard Scott was the first Ronald McDonald?

Oh yes he was! He was!

And he was certainly the creepiest, most pedophilic, ill-concieved monster incarnate ever to jolt and jerk his way across the tube.

you can see him HERE

and HERE

 (shudder) and HERE 

Is’nt it creepy how the fat little kid just starts munching on a burger he picks up in the street? And then how that clown monster tries to seduce him by filling his little gut with hamburger after hamburger that he just wishes into existence with some sort of demonic power?

How about that first one, where he’s discovered crouching in the dark in front of the TV studio monitor? And how about  how the Clown thing curses the TV Assistant when he takes away his burger?

and those maniacal, horrid HORRID eyes!!! THE EYES!


willard.jpgcreepy Willard and those EYES!

Of course I,  like any other sensitive,  intelligent, thinking being is revolted by clowns. The only children who have ever loved clowns invariably become republicans. It’s in the brain chemistry.



If I ever see a clown capering in the street, I shall certainly speed towards him and strike him with my car till he’d DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD!


6 responses to “The stuff that fever nightmares are made of

  1. Have to agree: McDacs is obesity city. Mix that with the ill-conceived “food (fat!) pyramid, and it is no wonder that obesity and type 2 diabetes are on the rise. CB

  2. That’s the creepiest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

  3. Yes CB we need to depend even more on private industry to create food pyramids and other such research. A return to more failed conservative ideas. Corporations obviously have everyones best interest at heart ROFLMAO

  4. Paco: “Corporations obviously have everyone’s best interest at heart?” Don’t think so!!!
    It is well known that gov’t bureacrats are in the hands of the big corps. This is especially true of the FDA. The best course is to do your own research. I agree with you on this one! CB

  5. CB which is why you anti government conservative morons make no sense. you want corporations to be completely unrestricted. Letshere it for the hero of the coservative movement Timothy McVeigh.

    Already have done the research on it. maybe you should try doing research oustide of the Talk radio stations. Oh wait you can’t. You idiots think that the universities are part of a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

  6. Nicole Kidman’s eyes scare me.

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