This cartoon, from the archdiocese of New York’s charming coloring book for kids is a treasure trove of psychological analysis about the catholic church and it’s current, well deserved self paranoia. As ususal, they fuck it all up and miss the irony of their stupid images. Man, what clods.

I got this image from Mark Morford’s column today in the chron. Read it. As usual, he’s dead on.

here are my questions:

#1 Why is that thing with the bad feathered hair and huge boobs hovering over the african american kid? Is she going to swat him? Is she another danger for the kid to worry about?

#2 Could they have made that priest doing the exorcist type head spin job any HOTTER? Bless me daddy, for I HAVE SINNED! WOOOF!

#3 What’s up with the floating dishes?

#4 What the fuck is happening to that kid? Are his arms bound? Is he stripping off his sweater to have sex with hot reverend daddy? GRRRR!

#5 Are those shovels behind the door to bury dead babies with? methinks it’s a bit sinster.

#6 I thought at first that cupboard was a big first aid box.

#7 Why is Laura Petrie standing at the door?

#8 Are they trying to convey that it’s OK to be alone with a hot gay priest as long as there are imaginary mythical creatures around to watch?


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  1. Rich: I agree the Roman Dioceses messed it up. The priest looks like someone who would molest kids. Then there is the issue of the Confessional. Yeah, they dropped the ball on this one! CB

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