“CLOVERFIELD” = Short movie, tall monster

Arrigtht, if you don’t know what “Cloverfield” is yet, pull yourself out from under your rock, watch this trailer, and fall down the bizarre rabbit hole of web-driven obsession and hysteria.


That being said, I have all the answers! I   HAVE   ALL   OF   THE    ANSWERS.

But I can’t reveal much. A bar buddy at the Eagle, who shall remain nameless and who works for JJ. Abrams and is working on “Cloverfield” has obviously seen it (he’s working on it, duh) and gave me lots of hitherto unknown spoilers. I can confirm that it is a short film, only 78 minutes, and that it is not …NOT Godzilla. Oh, I guess I can say that he thinks its a pretty cool movie, but he didn’t seem to think it’s like the second coming, as the fan/geek web-o-sphere is making it out to be.

I know what it (the monster) is, what happens, and how it ends. But I ain’t talking. This is the first time that I’ve gotten the inside down low on something that Harry Knowles and the whole geekotopia would kill to know. And I’m savoring it. And I’m protecting my source. Enough people are out of a job in this town right now without my adding to it!

On a totally unrelated note, I was driving down the Sunset strip at about 3:30am on Saturday, and it was a total ghost town. Passing by the Chateau Marmont, The Whiskey, The Viper Room, all locations – it was totally deserted. It’s amazing, this being a world capital of hipness, and it all closes up at 2am. New Yorkers must indeed be shocked and amazed at the comparative provincialism of the west coast. Not to mention what Europeans must think. Their nightlife BEGINS at 1 am!

Then, as I was heading through Beverly Hills on my way up over Coldwater Canyon, there was this knot of celebutard hipsters standing by the side of the road on Roxbury Drive, clustered around their million dollar cars, and one of them, a little blonde Paris wannabe (hell, maybe it was her) darted out into the road right in front of me. I almost hit her. She actually had the fucking nerve to yell at ME  “Watch where you’re going, ASSHOLE!” So I yelled back “keep outta the road CUNT!” and sped on out of asshatville Beverly. 


3 responses to ““CLOVERFIELD” = Short movie, tall monster

  1. looks good so far. But I have a feeling it will be yet another formulaic film with never ending product placement and a soundtrack designed to push the latest pop tarts.

  2. I so want to see that movie. And I don’t want to know anything, since it is a cinema verity style movie, finding everything out is part of the style and it would take a lot away from it to know anything in advance.

  3. Saw the trailer when I went to “Sweeney Todd”; I say it’s a ginormous Care Bear. That’s what I’ve got money on in the office pool, anyway.

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