Merry Xmas!

 ddd-026.jpgThe Bug likes to bug me

                                                 <<<<< **** **** >>>>>>             

So Happy Holidays all of you God forsaken pagans and atheists. Merry Christmas all you god fearing spambots.

I was driving back from San Jose yesterday, and it was so foggy early in the morning that I could just see past my hood. It was also freezing cold, at 27 degrees. I’ll write more tomorrow ’cause I have to dash, but here are some pics I took as I stopped in Pixley, California.


Pixley was the location in “The Grapes of Wrath” of the Keene Ranch where The Joads worked as scabs on the slave labor peach farm, and where Jim Casey was brained to death.






4 responses to “Merry Xmas!

  1. great pics! You look good in a cowboy hat too.

  2. Wasn’t Pixley nearby Hooterville on both “Green Acres” & “Petticoat Junction”?

  3. Pixley makes hooterville look like a fuckin metropolis.

  4. Great shots, especially the deserted frontage in the mist…

    I thought only my cat did that; her other thing is waking me up by sticking her nose out the window in the morning then pressing it to my eyelid.

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