Bad Moon Rising

So last night after my sumptous christmas feast of a Jumbo Jack with cheese and a festive diet coke, I went up to Griffith Observatory to observe the gorgeous LA skyline … and the christmastime quiet up there since all of Los Angeles was busy in their little mansions greedily unwrapping their new toys. It was so quiet and deserted up there that the coyotes were roaming the parking area. I saw 2 of them.


Griffith Observatory offers the most beautiful panorama views of the Los Angeles basin. The only comparable view is from Mullholland Drive.


Anyway, as I was up there savoring the quiet, I noticed that there was a shimmer behind Mt. Wilson that was throwing the mountain into eerie relief. I figured that it was the night glow of San Bernadino or Riverside. It was very cool. see my illustration below. Then, a couple minutes later, the shimmer seemed brighter. That can’t be … city glows don’t grow in intensity…must be my imagination. A few minutes later, as I was turning to leave, I took another look and it  was definitely brighter, and growing now by the second. What was it? A fire on the far side of the Mountain? A U.F.O.?

Then, suddenly there was a bright pinpoint of light that broke. I thought “whatever it is…here it comes” and it suddenly burst into a rising dome of bright orange light. The full moon was rising anew, suddenly bathing the hillsides in a lovely pollution-tinged orangish light. The Hollywood sign over on Mt. Lee looked like a row of dark, rotting teeth, glowering in the darkness. Lovely. 


3 responses to “Bad Moon Rising

  1. Rich: Great photos! CB

  2. Happy New Year Rich! Hope its a good one.
    Let me know if you want to grab you gear and go shooting……um……er…. photography that is

  3. When you were up there did Sal Mineo save you from a rumble?

    Great shots by the way…

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