lazy asses!

Arright, I’m starting the new year off with a rant.

So according to the sponsor of the reviled “TODAY” show, there’s apparently a new desperate disease that’s in dire need of treatment called restless leg syndrome, and It’s sweeping America, gripping us all it it’s vice-like fangs of terror. According to the commercial,  prosperous looking WASPY yup-bots are waking up in the middle of their boring suburban drippy dreams with their legs all tingly and twitchy and the need to move them about and such. It’s keeping their lunestra drugs from giving them a restful nights sleep! I know, I know! How awful!

So, of course the modern all-American answer to the problem is big pharma. What else?

Some drug called progestertron or something is suppose to supress these dire symptoms so that dumbot’s dreams of wal-mart sales can go on uniterrupted. Of course, the SIDE EFFECTS of this hell frankenstein drug are considerable. According to the shill in the commercial, side effects may cause you to sleepwalk to a local indian casino and gamble in your sleep whilst exploding in your pants with shotgun diarreah. Groovy.

So here’s my suggestion to all the fat asses out there popping drugs for every itch and malady:


I mean, why not?

Just step back from your TIVO’D “24” and get the hell out of the house for a brisk walk before bed time? Do Doctors ever prescribe that anymore? Or is that just too low-profit for the big, gobbling corporations who increasingly control every aspect of life these days?

Heeby Jesus, I’m fat, but at least I’m trying to better myself. I don’t seek a chemical answer for every ache and pain. Good lord! Put down the cupcake and get thee to a gymnasium. jeesh!

O.K. I’m done.

Happy New Year, spam-bots!

9 responses to “lazy asses!

  1. Its actually pretty bad like that in Pharma. When you have ideas for curing disease the first question they ask is how many people are affected by the disease and how big is the maket for a cure. Most of the venture capital goes to crap like this for that reason. But what has become worse is that under the Bush admin they have cut funds for many diseases and started aliquoting more funds to the pentagon to use toward bio terror. This is one of the reasons I worked on Anthrax down in san diego. companies were putting AIDS and Breast cancer projects on the shelf and competing to do anti bioterrorism. All while far more people die everyday from AIDS and breast cancer.

    We have a more pressing need for research into serious illnesses but with the republican effort to privatize everything we will only see more POP illnesses find cures in readily marketable pill form.

  2. Oh. I forgot to add the whole Genetic Weapons thing. According to the published neocon Manifesto at Project ofr the new american century, they hope to find new genetic weapons that can wipe out people of certain genotypes (ethnic groups) . SO of course the Bush admin Put out a crapload of money for MHC affinity algorithm production including ethnic group data. the idea being that you could create something that completely evades the immune system while it takes out some key protein. For a while MHC class II studies were all the rage and there is a company I think in Diamobd Bar that is still doing working on it.

    Jesus, Paco now THAT is some scary, SCARY shit! Many believe that AIDS was such a “programmed” disease. -Rich

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  4. Rich: Excellent rant! It didn’t address cinema, but I have to agree with you. It is noteworthy that the FDA is totally in the hands of the big paharmaceutical companies. CB

  5. Rich: Excellent rant! It didn’t address cinema, but I have to agree with you. It is noteworthy that the FDA is totally in the hands of the big paharmaceutical companies. CB

  6. Firstly, you’re not fat Rich. Come back when you’re 300+ with out any exercising like you do, then you’re fat.

    My mom and my grandfather (God rest his soul) both suffered from RLS. It can be quite painful and can prevent a decent amount of sleep from all the twitching in the night. It’s a a neurological condition that is not caused by lack of exercise but can be exerted by certain drugs such as for arthritis or depression or is genetic in nature.
    While it is likely that the drug manufactures are trying to make a the occurrence appear it is more prevalent to boost drug sales, it is a real condition. I have vivid memories of hearing my mother whimpering in the night as her legs uncontrollably twitched and my dad did the best he could to console her. So I bet if she could, she would be using this drug if not for the drugs she is on to help keep her breast cancer from returning and the possible interactions.

  7. The Angry Young Man

    Excellent! that was a riot

  8. No doubt it’s a real condition, but does everybody need a pill for everything? Especially when the side effects may include satanic possession, alien impregnation, spontaneous combustion, and the dreaded (yet hilarious when it happens to someone else) anal leakage.

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