Wish I’da said that

Found in a talkback about mAnn Coulter”

“I almost feel sorry for that serially-rejected cachectic spinster with a red hourglass on her dowager’s hump. She had better find a man quickly before she becomes the anorexic cross between Miss Haversham, Baby Jane Hudson and a wolverine.”
Damn! that’s good!


3 responses to “Wish I’da said that

  1. I often wonder if she truly believes the things she says or if the reptilian part of her brain is dominant. But then, the fact that she is so popular tells me other people think similarly, so maybe she does or maybe she is just aping for fans.

    Perhaps in today’s Republicans, the reptilian part of the brain is in control. It’s like their logic circuits are in backward.

  2. Little Known Fact: Republican is short for Reptile Brain Lives In A Can.

    (BTW, love love love the actual unretouched photo of Ann Coulter; I wish my camera had that setting where you can actually photograph the person’s essence.)

  3. How rude.

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