Crimson and “Cloverfield”

“Cloverfield” (2008)

 d-Matt Reeves w- Drew Goddard  dp-Hud, the kid in the flick

  So, is there anyone who hasn’t already heard way too much about this movie? cloverfield2.jpg This is me in front of Grauman’s Chineese Theatre in Hollywood. Taken on Sunday Morning. The cranially distressed statue of liberty is from the film. 

 In case you’ve been living under a rock or, more likely with this blog, if you’re a spam-bot, Cloverfield is all about “The Thing that Ate Manhattan”, Youtube style.  In other words, it’s a film shot entirely by one very VERY high-def handheld personal camera after a giant monster has the bad taste to interrupt a swanky wankers party in mid-town Manhattan with his skyscraper chomping, Statue of Liberty beheading antics. It’s shot as a piece, as if it’s found footage after the fact. It’s a mixed bag, as far as effectiveness goes, but overall it was quite good. I know it’s been done before to a degree (Blair Witch, anyone?) but it was a good experiment, well executed. I also like the fact that NOTHING I mean N O T H I N G is ever explained, like what the fuck this monster was, where it came from, what it’s politics are, … NOTHING. So pinhead teenagers and young adult videodrones have to attempt to actually use their atrophied imaginations to fill in the blanks. This is causing, as you may guess, great consternation amongst the masses of dolts who are outraged at the affrontery of these filmmakers. How DARE they deprive these tender souls of their full quota of CGI! Oh sweet lord!  cloverfield6.jpg cloverfield5.jpgAnd this is the headquarters of Bad Robot Productions, Where JJ Abrams makes his LOST show. Please note the street sign. It’s on Cloverfield Blvd in Santa Monica. I took this pic on Sunday morning.



2 responses to “Crimson and “Cloverfield”

  1. I loved the fact that nothing is explained. Not what it was, where it came from, what the little beasties were, nothing. But this is a film that is strictly in the POV of the main characters, who just happen to be bystanders caught up in the chaos. They wouldn’t know shit, so wisely the film makers don’t tell us shit.
    I did get nauseous from the camera work though, and I took Dramamine before had!

  2. I was surprised I didn’t get motion sickness. I was also surprised that I enjoyed it – it was fun. A few “Hollywood” moments, but fun.

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