Gym Daze

So why is it that whenever I use a locker, even if it’s at 3am two months after armageddon, there is ALWAYS  ALWAYS someone undressing RIGHT next to me or he’s headed in and will be there before I can even take off my shoes. Really. Always. …and of course we’re the only two in there, in a locker room with 9000 lockers and he just HAS to be right next to me.




Really, never else in life is anything else so fucking consistent. I wish I could bet on it in Vegas. I’d be richer than  Bill Gates.

Speaking of Morons (which I wasn’t but I will now) and bad . . . BAD tattoos, I saw a real loo loo in the locker room yesterday. Have a look. I drew a likeness of it for you. It was written right down this moron’s bicep, from his shoulder to his elbow. I think it speaks for itself:


Uh Huh.  You see rightly. Fucknut tattoo artist can’t spell. Oh well. Sorry , dude! I fucked your arm up for life ‘n shit! I’ll give you a $10 buck discount.


4 responses to “Gym Daze

  1. I have this exact same experience at the gym all the time too. And I find that someone always takes the treadmill right next to me, even though there are ten empty ones on either side.

  2. I can relate to that also buddy. Even when I get on a train there are always loads of free seats and someone always has to sit right beside me to the point of nearly sitting on top of me. It makes my skin crawl!

  3. it amazingly never someone at least good looking as well. But having said that the day it is, that guy will be saying the same thing.
    Always wanted a tattoo but stories like that keep me from getting one. I really like the celtic knot patterns. Would love something like that on my arm. Either that or a baby being eaten by a dingo.

  4. The locker thing happens to me too. Not so much at the Brannan Gold’s, but def at the Market Street Gold’s. I just chalk it up to living in a gay ant hill.

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