At 8:25am, I voted. My polling place is a resident’s carport. there were three volunteers, and 5 voting booths. none of them electronic. Excellent.

Look, I’ll vote for Hillary with no reservations, proudly and enthusiastically if she takes the nomination, but my conscience is with Obama. I’d love to see him win.I believe him when he says he’ll change the status quo.

UPDATE: Uh..I guess I need to clarify my vote. In the primary, I voted for Obama. If, however, Sen. Clinton wins the nomination, I’ll gladly vote for her in November. Both are excellent candidates, and I’m happy with both.


2 responses to “GO BARACK OBAMA! GO!!!

  1. Voted also! Either your vote negated mine or the other way around! LOL

  2. The system doesn’t work if you don’t use it. and I worked it baby!

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