You know, you’ve really gotta hand it to those Repubblkins. They sure know how to pick ’em.

Yes they do.



6 responses to “GO MCCAIN!!! WOOO HOOO!

  1. Yeah, Rich! The R’s know how to “pick ’em!” Appreciate your sarcasm. Will the Dems do any better? It appears the nomination is still up for grabs.

  2. Better McCain than Romney or Huckabee…

  3. ah yes. The famous keating 5 criminal john McCain

  4. Kory: No way could I support Huckabee. Groan! As is often the case, in Novemeber, I will hold my nose and vote.

  5. I really should live in the states as I am glued to all this stuff on the TV. Of course me wanting to live there would be nothing to do with coming around to your house and being your naked house boy for a full time job. Oops, I let that slip 😉

  6. i support McCain all the way. Republicans sure know what to do, why the ignorant democrats just talk themselves in circles. i mean all this Bama support…fuck that…he dont even stand for the pledge… and eww i could go on…like taking the soldiers out, and him going and talking to Syria and all, like one of them countries are going to go with that… and that universal healthcare and all… damn hes wanting to give 2billion to iraq when he takes the troops, lower taxes?.. yeah in one spot but raise it everywhere else. how is he getting the money? our pockets!! Oh talkin about him gets me all fired up!!!! BUT i am SOOSOSOSO PROUD of McCain. I support him! GO MCCAIN GO!!!

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