How much is your rent?

I was just chatting with the rep for the Waldorf Astoria in New York, and She was showing me the grand suites. She related a very interesting fact. In the Waldorf towers, which are comprised mostly of grand suites, there are, at the present time, 24 full time guests.

They live there.

 So, knowing how expen$ive Manhattan suites can go,I looked up their rate, to confirm my  suspicions.

Guess how much these …. people … spend a night for their digs?

If you guessed in the rarefied neighborhood of $2,500 per night, you’d be right.

With taxes, that adds up to about 3 grand a night.

Three thousand dollars a night.

Three thousand.

My word! 



3 responses to “How much is your rent?

  1. Oh that’s just a little over a Million Dollars a year….chump change I’m sure!

  2. Perhaps that’s the daily rate and they get a monthly discount? 🙂

  3. FUCK. I pay £450.00 per month and I thought mine was expensive. Although mine doesn’t have all that Louis XIV furniture and I would not be caught dead in fay satin pants!

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