The glory days of stupid


“Given the fact that it is mathematically impossible for you to surpass Senator McCain in the delegate count, Dont you think that it’s a waste of resources and money to continue?”


“Well I don’t believe in math, I believe in miracles.”

Ok, folks, this wingnut bastard is totally rewriting the book on batshit crazy delusional. And there are republicans out there right now operating heavy equipment who are actually voting for this brain dead troglodyte. Not many, I’ll grant you, but some. As far as I’m concerned, a vote for this idiot is a confirmation of imbecility. I mean, what does this moron expect to happen? Jeebus is gonna waggle his finger and *poof* – a new state is magically created, called Jesusvania, right off the Carolina coast, with 300 freshly minted delegates for Huckabee? Yeah. Right.

Huckabee is a candidate, alright. A candidate for residency in a home for the mentally retarded.

God almighty, these republicans just can’t be stopped in their descent to the bottom of the barrel. I am aware that some of the votes that he’s garnering are protest votes against McCain. So many republicans desperately hate McCain so much that they’ll vote for a subhuman christianist flat earther rather that vote their party’s candidate. 

We may be seeing the collapse of the Republican party as we’ve known it. Unlike the Democrats, who are fighting over two candidates that, by and large, most agree are both excellent, the republicans feeling for McCain seems to run the gamut from mild distaste to full on hatred. So who is voting for him? And Why? Certainly not the wingnut neo-cons. They hate him. He was booed last week at their annual  circle jerk in Washington, D.C. No, my guess is it’s a split between the moderate republicans and the loony christianists who just couldn’t bring themeselves to vote for a heathen mormon.

So yes, we may be seeing the diminishing of influence of the republicans for many years to come, due in large part to President Bush’s riding roughshod over the country these last seven 1/2 awful years. We can only hope the worst for them. And good riddance to those deranged morons if it comes to pass.


2 responses to “The glory days of stupid

  1. The smart response to that statement would have been something like, “The math isn’t important, I’m still in the race to send a message that blah blah blah is important.”

    Oh, wait … “smart.”

  2. he will likely run as independent. Allowing the repub party to save face. They can say the vote was split rather than having to say they lost. Its intersting that this is what happened when Clinton ran as well. It is what gave the cons a boost to go after Clinton so agressively by claiming he didn’t have the majority. McCain will get the wussy flip flopper vote and Huckavee will get the squirrel eatin vote of the extremists that normally would have stayed home.

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