Happy Valentines Day or whatever

So comes another Valentines day. Tomorrow it will be over once more.

Valentines day is the celebration of the 1925 machine gun massacre in Chicago of Rudolph Valentino by crazed female flapper fans. Or something.

Rudolph Valentino is rumored to have had the largest penis in Hollywood. Clara Bow said it reached her elbow. When it was hard, it reached heaven.

This is my 44th celebration of the blessed day. 44 times I’ve celebrated it single. I’ve never experienced love, or mutual infatuation, or the companionship of another half. I never will. There are some who are meant to go through life alone. Believe me…loners don’t like to be alone. We just don’t know how to be anything else. I can’t say that I miss love or being loved. I can’t miss what I do not really know first hand. I can imagine it. I’ll die never knowing it. Not in the cards.

The office looks like a freaking mausoleum today. everyone recieving huge flower displays. I never really liked flowers anyway. And I can’t eat chocolate, as I’m diabetic.

Today is my Parents 900th wedding anniversary. Or something. They were married in 1953. What does that make it?

Maybe I’ll send myself some flowers and sign it from George Glass.

too bad I’m too broke to do it.

Happy Valentines Day.


4 responses to “Happy Valentines Day or whatever

  1. Rich: I didn’t know you were diabetic; type 1 or type 2? CB

  2. Leave it to Charles to miss the point entirely.

    Rich when people call and leave messages on your machine try returning the call. Then maybe you wouldn’t be writing your comments alone. I know way to many people that drool over you. You even have closet case Charles stalking your website. (Word of advice: don’t go for the creepy stalker)
    You prove physics wrong by simply being way too cool and way too hot at the same time.
    Take it from my own exerience the only thing stopping you is you. Confidence is sexy as hell, Returning a call makes strongest man week in the knees.

    Big hugs to you and a super big valentine kiss.

    Know give everyone a big bicep pose!

  3. I wish I was there right now buddy and I would show you some real loving. I don’t need a day like valentines day to remind me how to show my love for someone. I think its a whole big shit of a day really. I hate seeing all the shops and stores filled with all that crap. Love creeps up and creeps in sometimes without you even knowing. But when I was single I also loved my life. I also liked the person I was when I was single. Thats not to say I don’t like me now but when I feel in love I changed as a person. Being in love can be the best thing in the world but staying in love can be hard work. Because it really isn’t something that can be worked at. It happens naturally. Just don’t forget that there are people out there that love ya buddy! And I am one of them. I just wished we lived so much closer so I could give you some “Romach Love”

  4. Diabetics can eat small bits of chocolate. Don’t starve yourself, eat in moderation.

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