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So Hillary Clinton is not going to go quietly into that good night, it would seem.

Should she fail to succeed in the Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas Primaries/caucases with at least 70 percent (so say the pundits) victories in each, she’s pretty much toast. In that likening instance, I believe that she will not give in. She will fail to see the vast Obama movement. She will fail to see the facts of the situation, partially because of her own blind ambition, and partly because of her handlers and yes-pigs keeping her from really seeing it. Her campaign will stoop to the lowest, most petty character assasination of Obama possible (or impossible) and succeed thoroughly in dividing … no ..   smashing the Democratic party, and thus giving the planet a batshit, crazy old loon repubulic bastard for 4 more years.

That’s my opinion. I hope to god I’m wrong. I hope that she will see the truth beyond what her yes men are filling her with. She has a great capacity for detail and analysis. Can she be objective about her own ambitions? Can she put her own analytical abilities to work in her own case and see the truth? Can she put what’s good for the country above what’s good for her? You see, I’m contradicted to all hell, I’m gonna do a 180,because in my heart, to be honest, I think that she IS the best hope for getting us out of this shithole that president Asshat has driven us into. She has the best grasp of policy, the best ideas to move us forward, and the tough hide, combined with an ability to see the other side and compromise that a great President needs.


Dammit to hell, the country just won’t elect her. Sorry. The Obama crowd will NEVER come out for her, No republic puke will cross the line for her.The religious troglodytes will come out, if not en masse, but they’ll come out to vote against her. Enough to give grampa Munster a slim victory. 


4 responses to “this n that

  1. Personally I think most people who wanted McCain instead of W are pretty much disgusted with McCain too. Its pretty pathetic to watch someone who was considered the Maverick Continue to Cow Tow to Bush and do a 180 on everything he “believes” in. I use quotes cause who knows who this guy is anymore and what he believes. The bush machine has completely beaten him into submission. SO in my eyes he’s not only just his puffy faced old fart on blood pressure meds. He’s this pussy that cow tows to the men that slandered his wife. To sum it up. John McCain: Puffy Wrinkly Old Pussy PWOP’d.

    Paco-Don’t forget that horrifying H.R.Geiger monstrosity known as “Cindy McCain” – she could scare the bark off a tree. -r.c.

  2. Its all mad buddy. I haven’t seen so much heated debates in a long time. My preferred choice was Hillary. But if Obama gets the nomination I would certainly support him. I would support any democrat I think just to make sure those damn bible Thumping Republicans don’t get in! Why so many of this Americans vote for these crazy republicans I will never know! If you were running buddy, you would certainly get my vote!!! I think you should next time. A hairy bear Nominee!!!!

    ME for president?? LOL! Not a chance! Can you imagine
    if they had to find and have testify every man I’ve
    “had dalliances” with? Lord! Just the task of
    transporting them all to D.C. would dwarf the Normandy
    landing on D-day! -r.c.

  3. I think it is a neat summation which states that she has the best grasp of policy…but cannot be elected.
    I don’t think we elect anyone who has a broad range of expertise. They might make us do something.

    I admire your “grampa Munster” and wish I had thought of it, but….of course, I will.

  4. Romach.
    Yeah Rich for pres. He wouldn’t have to pad his suit like W does. Real Muscle for a real man’s suit. Besides W didn’t need a padded suit. what he needs is a padded room.

    I hear ya but keep evaluating the clinton economy and what this clinton would do. in order for her to take the lead she needs to start using better catch phrases for what her economic policies would be and the best way to move us away from Bubble capitalism. she can’t just say use bill’s policies because of the overlap with greenspan. she needs to take what she believed worked and catch phrase it so it sticks in peoples minds. then people will listen

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