Seperated at birth?

With all the brouhaha over the recent New York times expose of Republick Presidential candidate John McCain’s hpocritical personal brand of “lobby reform”, I have only one question, which I feel requires an immediate answer.

The question is:



I’d just like to know. You know?



6 responses to “Seperated at birth?

  1. Wow after watching Uno Win at the westminster Kennel Club, I’m Thinking Bush should have entered his Dog McCain in the Sharpei division. In Fact he could have even given UNO a run for his money in the best in show division. At least that’s something he could more realistically win. he has no chance runing for pres.

  2. HA HA HA Defo the spitting image alright! I love the way she sashays and we seen this guy walking down the street like exactly that one day and we laughed so hard we nearly crashed the car!

  3. Didn’t Cindy once bite Martin Short’s tongue or finger off or something?

  4. That’s right – pick on the candidate’s wife.

    Hmmmmm……for someone who resembles something to be scrapped off the bottom of a shoe, you have a lot of nerve!

  5. looks like Jeff is just little bit cranky. If the crackpot conservatives can trash chelsea Clinton by claiming their ‘pimping her out’ than I think your being a tad hypocritical. Hillary got trashed regulary while bill ran and even more so while in office and we all remeber rush calling Chelsea a dog. So do yourself a favor and stop feigning outrage it just makes you look ridiculous

  6. You Say Tomato, I say Tomatoe! Theres always someone buddy who isn’t happy. I thought your post on the Mc Cains was fucking hilarious hee hee

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