or lack thereof.

I shaved my head bald last week.

none of my so-called “friends” even noticed. With those people, I could walk in with a spike through my forehead and nobody would notice or care.

Maybe I’ll post a pic

or not 



6 responses to “Hair

  1. so instead you post a pick of cindy McCain again? She really loves those eggs just a bit too much don’t ya think?

  2. LOL! So much for queens being obsessed with looks!

    On the positive side, maybe it just shows that yours friends look deeper than just your appearance 🙂

    And, as it happens I would LOVE to see you with the new haircut.


  3. Well you must post a picture so I can give you 11/10!

  4. Wait, didn’t you shave the dome once before? Maybe the lack of response was more of a ‘here we go again’…

    I had shaved it in 2001 – before I had met anyone i currently know. -r.c.

  5. Isn’t it funny. I’ve had a goatee/moustache for at least 20 years and whenever I shave it off no one ever notices…..oh well : -(

  6. michael
    I’ve never shaved off my beard and am surpised at all the people that remember me bfore i had it. I ask them if they knew me in highschool which is the last time I was clean shaven and they usually say no it was like 3 years ago. I think to myself, “thank god I still have 7 years to get my life together before my 10 year high school reunion”

    Anyway I wouldnt mind seeing the new Rich especially in that police uniform doing a bicep pose

    That’s funny, Paco because I can’t picture you WITHOUT your beard! who are those people? LOL! -R.C.

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