Merry Christmas!!

So the oldest Christmas decorations in all of North America are right across the courtyard from me. Aint I lucky? The old bat who lives there is now going on 3 months after Christmas and she still isn’t clued into the fact that Santa has already come and gone and is probably deep into his post holiday Florida rehab stint.


attention #231? anyone at home?

I was thinking that the senile old cow had croaked in there and the body had not been discovered yet. After all, it was only a year or so ago, in #228, 2 doors down from her, that a 48 year old guy dropped dead and nobody found him for a month. All the windows were sealed and his air conditioner was on full blast. Who knew? Anyhow, that can’t be the case with Miss Crackers, because her door is open from time to time.

Please note in the frame blowup below the cheerful holiday ornaments in the window: the merry little light up angel, the frosty tree, and the nutcracker soldier. It’s a little obscure, but if you look in the far left, you can see the tip of her 4 foot fake xmas tree in the room. I wanted a better shot of it, but if she’s armed, I don’t want to disturb her.


4 responses to “Merry Christmas!!

  1. OMG! Maybe she is one of this Christmas freaks who just lives the whole year in the Christmas mood. I know there are people in this town who have their houses decorated on the outside with Christmas decorations the whole year round. Still Weird though! I think you should go and knock on her door and shout Ho Ho Ho!

  2. someone in my building JUST threw out their christmas tree this past weekend.

  3. So let me got this straight: you have an older single female living alone in a dumpy apartment that keeps up her Christmas decorations and it bothers you. Is she a widow? If she has children, do they visit her often? Is her life so miserable, that she tries to make the joy of Christmas last a little longer than you approve of? Who are you to judge her?

    For God’s sake man, you dress up as a cop-wanna- be and you knock her for trying to extend a joyous season? Why are you so judgmental of others? You know, if wanted, people could make a running joke of your life!

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