An Affair to sit through

So tonight I’m hosting a screening of “An Affair to Remember” (1957 d-Leo McCarey  w-Delmer Daves  dp-Milton R. Krasner A.S.C.)


I’ve never seen it before, and to be honest I’m not all that excited about it. The film was chosen by the audience from last month’s screening of “Rebecca,” and since the point of this is to entertain other people who would not otherewise get a chance to see these great old films on a big screen, it’ll be just fine for me. Who Knows? maybe Ill love it. I’ll let you know. I mean, I love Cary Grant and own many of his films, particularly his Hitchcock films, and Deborah Kerr is lovely, but I snuck a peek at it last night and ran the 1st two reels and wasnt much impressed. It seems like the typical Douglas Sirk-ish type 50’s melodramatic weepie. NOT my cup of tea. The screening is at 7 tonight, and among the attendees will be two ladies both named Bertha, and both are 96 years old.

UPDATE: Meh…it was OK. Nothing I’d ever watch again.Cary Grant was phoning in standard Cary Grant impersonation # 174b. Deborah Kerr was, as always, gorgeous.

All the ladies were bawling. Including the two 96 year olds, who were old when this movie was made, come to think of it.

Yeah, this is how I spend my Friday nights. Hanging out with a roomful of crying old ladies watching a weepie chick flick.


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