What a shame Maryanne had a pain at the party

Yeah so you’ve heard that little Mary Anne Sommers (A.K.A Dawn Wells) got busted this week for weaving like a madwoman in rural buttfuck Idaho whilst stoned out of her gourd.

Poor Maryanne. I guess it wasn’t just those mushrooms that she was fond of.

Here, for the first time EVER, I’m able to offer you a RARE 1966 F.B.I. surveillance photo of our little Kansas Miss getting high with one of the natives.

Here it is. Are you ready?




I didn’t even know that they had bic lighters on the island. She probably turned that poor native into a reefer addict. Bitch.

Anyhoo, when I met up with her a couple of years ago, I can now see that in retrospect, she was really crying out to me for help. I can prove that.  Have a look at how she signed the back of my ORIGINAL prop radio from the T.V. show.

Just look:




love “Mary Ann”

Dawn Wells 

Dear Lord, she was begging me for help!!! I wasn’t paying attention. I was too busy watching Ann B. Davis yell at Susan Olsen. I casually mentioned to the old stoner that her signature, with Sherwood Schwartz’s signature made my radio worth a bundle on ebay. That set her off on a long boring grilling session with me on how to buy a car on Ebay. Like I’d know. I told her she was an idiot to buy a car on ebay. THAT must have sent her into a literal tailspin, sending her off into the bowels of the midwest on a drug addled spree.

oh well.

Here’s her mug shot:



By the bye, here is the link to my original post about acquiring the original GI radio.

Here it is!



5 responses to “What a shame Maryanne had a pain at the party

  1. Hey Rich, thanks for dropping by the blog and leaving a comment. I was feeling for poor Miss Wells, hoping that she didn’t have to drive all the way to Idaho to find some good weed. Now I see that her spiral downward really started much earlier . Now about that radio; how the hell did you find *that*?

  2. No, Cole…. thank YOU for your excellent blog.all of you readers (and you spambots, too) go on over to his blog and have a read.
    it’s here:
    or you can find it on my blogroll if that doesnt click.
    as to the radio…well THAT’s a long story. I blogged about it before and I just updated this post with the link. I loves my radio!
    Oh also, your post on Rob’s blog was brilliant. I bow to you, sir.

  3. Great use of a Beatles song title. Cheers!

  4. Aw shucks, thanks! . You’re too kind. I’m glad you liked the post over at Rob’s place – I really have to reign in my geek tendencies when it comes to green stuff, it’s like pistachios for me: I just can’t stop with only one….

    I love that you rescued the radio – Gilligan and Skipper’s tenuous link to the outside world – from the clutches of obscuradom. The radio actually figures prominently in an early life episode of mine that I will have to share with you soon. Queue: Season 2/Episode 48: Don’t Bug the Mosquitoes!

  5. print the truth, Dawn wells was found innocent, if you need to rag on someone rag on that dumb ass paris hilton and lindsay lohan and not the innocent.

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