OK so I must admit that this morning in the shower, I was kinda sorta staring at a hot HOT guy showering next to me.

Because he casually did something unexpectedly unspeakably disgusting.

Let me back up a bit. As I was undressing, this short, buff as shit guy stripped to his tightie whities, grabbed his soap holder, and started for the showers. Following right behind him, I was mesmerized by his perfect bubble ass, like two boulders grinding against each other, rippling the white briefs. His perfect olive colored naked back, his bulging shoulders….


He stepped into the stall next to me, and I was sneaking furtive, DISCREET glances at him through the glass partition. It was distorted enough so that I could just make out the general impressions. He was showering with his briefs on, which is not uncommon in my gym. Don’t know why. All the Iranians do this, and he appeared Iranian. I could make out his dark body, his black beard, his strong, big arms and legs. when I looked again, I noticed that the brown of his skin was unbroken down to his feet. He had removed his briefs. I could make out the mass of his black pubic hair through the thick mullioned glass. Just then, I noticed he had something white in his hands. I know he went in without a hand towel or anything, so what, I wondered, was he holding? He was scrubbing his face with it, whatever it was. It was white.

as white as his briefs.

It was his briefs.

 He took his underwear off so that he could wash his face with his underwear.

The underwear he was just  wearing.


5 responses to “Cleanliness

  1. I’ve heard this was the new rage among bodybuilders. The idea is that all your mansweat and hormones collect in your undies in a form that is readily bioavailable through the skin. Rubbing the moistened undies all over your body allows even distribution of said material. Then simply rest and watch your muscles grow. The other hot new trend is anal bleaching but thats different.

  2. People who wear there undies in the shower freak me out too. There is a guy at my gym who goes into the shower with his undies on, gets wet, then takes them off. HUH? What exactly was the purpose? You’ve heard of a towel right?

  3. well I have noticed that a lot of guys at the gym really like to wash there genitals. A LOT! I mean you can see the level of the soap in the dispensor really go down as they scrub away. I mean wouldn’t that dry out your skin and get it all irritated? That’s what I thought but as soon as they get out of the shower you find out that they like to moisturize their genitals every bit as much as they like to wash them. They go through as much lube….ahem….. Moisturizer as they do soap. But when they’re done they have this nice bright shiny polished look… And a place to hang their wet undies

  4. Hmm. Shower AND rinse cycle at the same time? Now that’s some conservation.
    Still, the scrubbing the face part seems icky-piggy in a bad way.

  5. When you said gross, I must admit I was expecting something far worse. But that aside, perhaps trying to keep that masculine workout scent on him?

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