Harvey gets a BIG promotion

Overheard Friday night at the Eagle:

fluff#1: So yeah he’s been totally unavailable because he’s working on a movie called “Milk”

fluff#2: what’s that about?

fluff#1 I dunno. It’s about some gay California governor or something who was assasinated or something. Whatever.


2 responses to “Harvey gets a BIG promotion

  1. Gee, we’ve come a long way. To be filled with rage for having to pay protection fees to the cops to stop raiding our bars, to being ignorant about the assumption that an out, gay GOVERNOR of California could even exist.

    That’s like, what…developing toes on the evolutionary scale?

  2. I’m saddened by the fact that everytime I have mentioned Harvey Milk, people in Europe know who he is but people in my home town don’t. But everyone has become aware of the ‘twinkie defense’ and use it to say we have to many rights in our legal system.

    So for those that don’t know. Dan White climbed into the city hall building through a window to avoid metal detectors then killed mayor George moscone he reloaded his gun and proceeded to kill the openly gay ‘ mayor of Castro street’ (America’s 1st openly gay elected official). His lawyer claimed good Christian people just don’t do this sort of thing( as if all non christians do it all the time) then proceeded to explain his actions as being influenced by eating to many twinkies and drinking lots of coke. He was sentenced to 5 years prison for the murder of two people. What if dan white were black? Atheist? Muslim? Would he have recieved the same treatment under the law?

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