Hellbent for Leather

Las Vegas, Nevada –Sunday, April 6th, 2008 3:14am

It’s The Buffalo bear/leather bar on Paradise avenue, about 6 blocks from the MGM Grand hotel and the Las Vegas Strip. I’m there for the annual “smokeout” gathering of leathermen/bears who smoke cigars and pipes.

I am in my Police uniform, and on my hands and knees. I am surrounded by three large, well muscled men in uniform wearing knee length motorcycle boots.

“Lick ’em” The tall, blonde one commands.

He’s the one I first “noticed” among the handsome group of men dressed in full motorcycle cop uniforms from Salt Lake city. His sparkling blue eyes shone from his all American handsome face and were eclipesd only by his flashing 1000 watt smile. He was smiling now, but it was a lascivious smile as he looked down at me. I licked his boots up and down. The smell of well tended leather was strong in my nostrils. I moved to the man on his left. 6 fooot 4 I figured. Tom of finland. I licked his boots. I started on the thrid man to the Blond man’s right. “Dont forget mine, pig” .. a fourth one appeared. I was completely surrounded. The fourth arrival was biggest of all, and clothed head to toe in leather. I could see through the fence of jackboots surrounding me that the whole bar was watching, many gathering around for a closer look. I could see the arousal in the onlookers eyes. “What next’ I thought feverishly to myself. ‘I’m in the middle of a fantasy..how far can I get before it all dissipates?  I immediately buried my face in the Blond’s crotch. I could feel his hard cock beneath the leather. I moved greedily to the big one on the left and covered his basket with my mouth and bit it lightly. I moved to the third and fourth man. All hard. Heaven. I wish I could have really enjoyed it but it was happening so fast. Suddenly I was forced to my feet by the powerful arms of the blonde cop. He grabbed my crotch, still smiling “You said you’d do anything I wanted? anything? Well, I want to see your bare chest. Take off your shirt and that tee shirt and show us that big chest”.

OOOOOOH KAY! now I was really suspecting that it was some kind of put on. On the outside, I was trying to project a cocky bravado, but inside, I was terrified that they were really laughing at me. I mean O.K., I know that I look good in my cop uniform. I know from all the attention (and groping) that I’ve gotten that it’s appreciated. But why do these uber hot men give a fuck? they’re “Tom of Finland” hot. I am most certainly NOT. And I did NOT want to spoil whatever illusion I had somehow cast by baring my belly. They all had hard ons. THAT was undeniable…so what the fuck? oh well… I unbuttoned my black uniform shirt and unclasped the radio from my shoulder board. The nickel plated badge clinked. The blond spread my shirt wide and yanked the shirttails out. all three of them rubbed their hands over my chest. The fourth remained standing close behind me. I remember thinking ‘My god, I can FEEL his hard-on pressing on my butt’    “Take the goddamn shirt ALL the way off right now or I’m gonna rip it off, because that white tee shirt your’re wearing underneath is mine now.”  Said the big fourth one. I still thought in the back of my head that it was still some humiliating joke but…off whent the shirt and tee shirt at once. I never saw my white tee shirt again. Only one I had, too.

The blonde grabbed my left nipple. Hard. He balled his right hand into a fist and POW! he punched me. Hard. I staggered back into the fourth man who grabbed my shoulders and held as the blond roundhused my chest again and again. that time I was flexed and ready. the blows bounced off painlessly. WOW! what a totally incredible feeling. I mean, I’ve been punched many times before playfully in the chest, but never like this. It felt so damn good. I wanted to see how far I could take it. “More and harder” I heard myself say. The fourth one spun me around and BAM! into my chest he hit. then each took turns pummeling my chest. It never hurt, it felt incredible. “He’s fuckin solid as a fuckin boulder, man” said the third man. “Fuck!” he slapped me hard with both hands. Again. Harder! HARDER! I could feel the heat of the slaps rising. I was smiling wide. fucking awesome. I felt like Superman. Unbreakable. How far can I go? why does it FEEL so good? The blond grabbed me by the throat. He was gloved now. “You like that, huh?” I leaned my neck into his hand. “Lean harder..Push!” he said. “I’m strong, I can handle it. PUSH yourself into me!” he said. I did.  wow! 

“Now I want to try something. I want to put you into a choke hold. Do you want to try that? Are you willing to let me knock you out?” He asked.”As long as you’ll at least cover me when i drop” I said.

“You guys eacch grab an arm and hold him” The blond ordered the others as he circled behind me. I tensed and braced myself against their bodies, my legs spread wide and solidly on the ground. From behind me now the blond encirled my neck with his arm. I grabbed his forearm. it was like steel. his bicep – I remember it suddenly growing and pinching my cheek as his muscles tensed ans he started to squeeze.

All at once everything got small and vague and my vision started to shrink away like a deflating balloon. At once, I panicked and with the last of my strenght squeezed his forearm. Immediately he released me and the blood rushed back into my head, giving me a euphoria I’d never ever felt before.

With that, it was over. they helped me back into my shirt ( minus the vanished white tee) and we chatted a bit. Like me, they were there for “smokeout”, and they were from Salt Lake City. 

 I swear that the story I just wrote is 100% true. I’m writing it down now as it’s still fresh so that I can re-read it and re live it because it was a once in a lifetime, spontaneous event that I don’t expect ever to get again. It was total lighning in a bottle.


7 responses to “Hellbent for Leather

  1. you always seem to have all the fun. I am at work reading about your wild adventure just wishing I had 1/2 the guts you do. Anyway once again you made my day

  2. Michael (LkyBehr)

    …and because I happened to be at the same event, I can guarantee everybody this REALLY happened… you are SO lucky… but really – you also were looking quite HOT with the Savinelli… I actually agree with your observation that it all seemed to be measured in size.. 🙂

    It was great seeing you!


  4. Damn, and I missed it? Serves me right for skipping Smoke Out this year I guess.

  5. You cannot believe how hard my cock is after reading this. Dayum!

  6. Mine went a little hard too!

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