Random rant

I‘ve been unmotivated to post lately. I’m over worked and worn out and that’s caused some depression. I’m so weary of the whole Clinton/Obama/Punch/Judy clusterfuck. I wish it were just settled. However, I do not hold with the various moronerati who are all screaming for Mrs. Clinton to just give the fuck up and go away.As if she’s some sort of VILLAIN for simply staying in the game as long as she legitimately has a chance.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m 100% Obama. I’d LOVE for her to spontaneously combust right now. But I still recognise her right to fight. Most are unhappy with her smear methods, as we should be. But there are those who feel she is somehow traitorous SIMPLY for daring to go up against Obama.

Excuse me, but  





This is a race, for chrissakes. She’s suppose to compete. Jeesh!

And another thing…

Why is it, at four months since the first primary, are there STILL undecided voters? WHY? They/you have had months and months and months to size these people up and decide. So fucking decide already. Are you people catatonic? are you totally unaware of the world ..and the media around you? Is there perhaps some surgeon available to perform a headectomy on your ASS????

And the next fuckwad republican goosestepping morononazi shitfuck who says ONE THING about fucking flag lapel pins (or lack thereof) is going to get one shoved into his/her eye, business end first, by ME

Alrighty, I’m a little better now.



8 responses to “Random rant

  1. Whoa, dude, did you run out of meds again? 😉

  2. You need a fury belly rub or a furry belly to rub. I am sending loads of love your way and I agree that if Hillary wants to stay in for now, then let her have a go. When the nominee is eventually decided then I hope people will then fall in behind them and do what they can to support them who ever it is. I so wana come to America and experience American life. Maybe we should come there for our honeymoon 😉

  3. I hear ya! I’m not too worried about Hillary. She is using up right wing money to stay in the race. However that could also mean forcing obama to use money faster. McCain has been getting the free ride from the media for a while now once again demonstrating the fact of conservative media bias. Be prepared for the media to set different bars for the repub party cadidate than for the democratic candidate. Remember how bush simply had to show us he “knows enough” whereas gore had to prove he was the best candidate ever? Basically the majority agreed bush was not smart enough to be president but that didn’t stop the activist conservatives from filing a lawsuit that allowed conservative judges to legislate from the bench and select the man who now infests the white house

  4. Speaking as a foreigner residing in your wonderful land, I have a theory about why there are so many undecided voters.
    If you go to a supermarket here in the States, there are 17 types of Orange Juice, 19 different toothpastes, and don’t even get me started with the number of colas. Diet, caffeine free, diet caffeine free with cherry flavor…
    Basically, when Americans are faced with a choice they like to be pandered to; consumer is king. So when there are but two, people vacillate. They want to be stroked and presented options and cases.
    Not a criticism, just an observation.
    But truly, considering that the US Pres and their administration’s actions have more influence on my life than my own Prime Minister, I offer a thought.
    Everyone in the world should be able to cast a vote on who runs the US. Considering US voter indecision and unbelievable apathy on voting days, electing an American President is too important a job to be left up to Americans.
    Did I say too much… 😉

  5. I’d say that’s a fairly spot on observation, KD.

    and it’s funny…I was thinking your exact thoughts the other day regarding the presidential vote. It must be terribly frustrating not to be able to participate in any way in such a profound, globally important decision. And then to see so many monumentally stupid boobs treat it as if it were no more than a frivolous T.V. contest. Indeed the apathetic moronic masses mistake “American Idol” as more important to their lives than the future course of their country.

  6. actually when the primaries started there were a lot more than two choices. People here hate to feel forced to decide between the only candidates the media will let you see. In the end you will 1 democratic candidate and 1 repub party candidate. Both completely bought and paid for by the corporations. They will argue over about 4 issues. Third party candidates will not be allowed to join the debates since the debates are put on by the private media which is not obligated to be sure all voices are heard. Each year a third party sues unsuccesfully to get access. In the end people have only party affiliation to tell them which of the two evils to vote for

  7. Why is it, at four months since the first primary, are there STILL undecided voters? WHY?

    Yeah, I find myself wondering that as well. There is little more to learn from these candidates at this point, and if a person is going to make your voting decision on some minor gaff one of them makes, that person is probably stupid.

  8. I don’t believe in the undecided voter; I believe they are just undeclared voters. The media is always going after the undecided voters, so for many it’s their chance to get 15 seconds of face time on TV, and I think a lot of people would sell their mother for that.

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