totally way more devolution

There was an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times recently about the absurdity of the owners of the New York Yankees. Evidently, just before completion of their new staduim, a construction worker with sympathies to Boston buried a Boston red sox jersey in the cement of the foundation of the new Yankee stadium as a curse to the team. So the imbecilic Yankee owners paid 75,000 to jackhammer the stupid shirt out of the foundation, fearing evil spirits and voodoo. The Times editor memorably said that this proves that human beings are nothing more than monkees who wear shoes.

Read on, please.

Today, a headline on yahoo news caught my eye:

 “Grand Theft Auto IV set to be biggest opening in entertainment history”

For those who don’t know, “Grand Theft Auto” is the smash success video game that every brain dead, intellectually stunted kid in Uhmurica seems to be fixated on. It’s all about killing as many people as possible to gain the most stolen cars using the biggest guns. In effect, it’s a criminal fantasy for kids, compleste with random, cold blooded murder and rape. Sweet Jesus.  And this new version is predicted to open up at $40,000,000 IN IT’S FIRST WEEK ALONE!

That’s bigger than ANY film opening in history. Here are some exceprts from the GRAND THEFT website. I won’t even comment on the amazing mutilation of the English language:

Let’s face it: stealing cars and blowing stuff up gets, well, kinda boring. Luckily, there’s way, way more to do in GTA IV than just be a troublesome criminal. Call up your buddies for a game of darts, or a few beers at the local pub, or even a nice wholesome game of bowling. Using the indispensable new cell phone, you can initiate plans with any of your good (and not so good) pals, effectively creating the action rather than having it come to you all the time. Be careful, though, because those relationships you build function like they should. Ignore too many calls and you might find that the price of guns from your handy arms dealer just went up. And in case you suddenly develop a conscience, you can even dial 911 to arrest a ne’er do well or request an ambulance for an injured citizen. How he got hurt in the first place, we don’t wanna know.

Are you sick yet? There’s more:  

Most accomplished criminals prefer to work alone, but in GTA IV you’ll have a chance to test yourself against other players in over a dozen multiplayer modes.  

One of the chief complaints in past GTA games was the wonky aiming system; trying to switch targets was like steering a boat through mud. That’s all changed in GTA IV thanks to a slick new targeting scheme that lets you change targets just by flicking the analog stick. If you still find yourself outmatched, a new cover system lets you slide behind a wall and blind fire into the glut of enemies trying to ruin your day. If you can’t pull over before you get into a shootout, have no fear — any weapon in the game can be fired while behind the wheel. So don’t drive angry!

What the hell is happening here?  I remember when I was a kid, there was a movie called “Rollerball” about a totalitarian futuristic society that was totally violent, with people killing indiscriminately, casually, and ultra violently. It scared me to think of such a thing, and now, it’s coming true, coupled with the accelerating dumb-down of society.

Monkees with shoes indeed.

I no longer believe in evolution.

But I see a hell of a lot of proof of devolution. 



4 responses to “totally way more devolution

  1. We should ban all forms of dark humor!
    unfortunately I disagree with you this time. Although the video game industry is completely bombarded by conservatives with never ending military games and games about terrorism, this particlular game is dark humor and played by a variety of people not just idiots. Keep in mind Sony wanted to copywrite “shock and Awe” for video game use and even the military has been assisting the industry create more realistic military training simulations. This is just another form of media that the conservative have taken over all while claiming liberal media bias.

    I like B- movies and thrillers and this video game has that exact appeal. But if you really want to get to know some of the people playing it I suggest starting here This is a website for gay video gamers (gaymers). Because games have become very social via online play you can find out a lot about who plays what and why.

    From Comic Books to movies to video games people have consistently tried to blame arts and entertainment for violence in the streets and just about everything else they view as negative in society, including Being Gay. but real culprits include too much time engaging in antisocial behaviour, watching tv alone, reading alone, playing video games alone, or any other activity, as well as too little time excersizing and improper diet. Most studies show that violent behaviour is reduced or eliminated by socializing, excersizing and eating right. Conservatives long argued that they should take away excersize equiptment from prisoners in jail claiming it only makes bigger more violent criminals. many studies on excersize were then perfomred showing just the opposite. those that get excersize become more calm and less violent

    GTA has become a social video game in that you now have in game chat and can play on line with all your freinds. again moving it away from the anti social catagory.

    Finally nothing you see in GTA is any worse than you see in the movies in comic books and probably a lot less harmful than stuff you can find on the internet while browsing alone.

    Will I buy it? Not sure. most of the friends on my xbox live bud list have it and seem to really enjoy it. ( Most are bears around my age too) So I feel a bit left out not having it. when I log on at night I then have to play some other game by myself or look for people that don’t have it as well. My guess is during all the hoopla I will try to see if I can finally beat rock band on expert solo tour on guitar. If it doesn’t die down quickly I will probably get it just so I can hang out with friends on line and do stupid things like steal cars and such.

  2. Devolution is a fact, don’t need a video game to prove it. IQ tests in recent years have had to be re-scored downward to maintain the 100 score average. We have decreasing average intelligence with each generation. Intelligent people tend to have fewer children (only as many as they can afford), while stupid people breed uncontrollably.

  3. I guess the fact that so many people believe everthing they read is another indication

  4. Provided they don’t act out on it, I’d rather that unwashed masses got their frustrations out on a video game than queers or brown people.

    As for the $40 mill opening weekend, considering the cost of a video game versus the cost of a movie ticket, that should mostly account for the high figure.

    Also, IQ is a measurement of change as well; your IQ test should be lower in high school than in your 30s, as you increase both general knowledge and problem solving skills.

    Of course, the last thing the Republicans want is a smart populace; smart people ask questions and challenge idiotic pronouncements and the like, which makes them dangerous.

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