William takes a powder

So yesterday, I was out all day  (on a date with an amazing guy) and I’d left the apartment about 9:30am. Incidentally, that the senile old bat still hasn’t removed her festive Xmas decorations yet.

But I digress.

 I got home last night around 9pm and noticed that all the verticle blinds in the front window were seriously askew. moreso than I’d ever seen. Ifigured that the bug must’ve been stalking and lunging at birds fluttering around the feeder. I opened the door and noticed that William was nowhere to be seen, whjich is odd with him, to say the least. He’s ALWAYS there to greet me, but this time only the bug was there, meowing more than usual. I looked around. I called him, expecting him to emerge from behind the sofa or a bookcase to greet me.  Nothing.  Silence. Feeling the first twinge of panic, I searched under the bed and in the closet and bathroom. Nothing. He was gone.


So just as I was lunging for the door, I heard a loud, moaning yowl outside. I opened the door and William flashed inside, bolting immedately for the dark under the bed. He was terrified. He yelled at me and yelled more loudly than I’ve ever heard a cat yell. He was hisssing at the bug and shivering like a leaf. I grabbed him (his fur was hot) and put him before the water bowl where he drank for 3 minutes solid. It was a good hour before he stopped shivering and yowling. It scared me profoundly to think of what could have happened during those hours he was outside. He’s never been out unsupervised before.



6 responses to “William takes a powder

  1. I’m glad the kitty is ok but your tale is not unique. It is a natural result when we raise animals to be wholly dependent on us.

  2. Oh buddy, I hope he is ok now. Poor little thing. God knows what has happened. Just keep your eye on him for a while in case he remains afraid for a while.

  3. I came home one time when a guest house in NoHo (but I was a serious Ho at the time) to find the front door wide open and one cat gone. That door was always tricky to close and latch and it must not have when I left for work. We had had strong winds that day and the wind blew the door open. I though Grits was gone for good, but a few hours later I heard her faintly yowling each time I spoke. I finally figured out where she was under the house! She was so scared she would not come out and it took three days before I could bribe her out with some food – and then grab her fast and get her inside. I know how you felt on that one, thinking one of your babies was gone and I’m glad it all worked out.

  4. I hope he’s going to be alright. Mine got out accidentally after I moved from a quiet neighbourhood to a loud one, and she hasn’t been quite the same since. Of course, she was gone for three days…

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