robo cat torture fun – with oreo double stuffs

So I had a house guest over this week, and so I laid in some munchable garbage to offer him, like if we were going to be watching a movie or something. It ended up that we spent only about 10 minutes at my place (other than sleeping), because he took one look at my Star Trek stuff and my apartment, and I think he concluded that it was probably unsafe to spend too much time alone with me. So as a result, I ended up with an unwanted quantity of cookies.

  Oreo double stuff.

So I did a little experiment. I immersed the package of cookies in a pot of water, to see how fast they’d dissolve. I was amazed at the speed of dissolution. It was instantaneous. It was as if they were hit by a martian disintegrator beam. So one day, when I’m bored to tears, I’m gonna get a few packages of oreos and build a castle and then blast it with the hose. Won’t that be cool? woo hoo!

So we (my houseguest, Jeffrey and I) went to The Abbey on Tuesday morning for coffee. I’d never been there before. You can read about it here. What a trip that place is. It’s huge. There is a huge outdoor patio in front, serviced by a coffee bar that puts starfucks to shame. Then, there’s a huge bar and lounge area with a lovely fireplace and couches, huge cocktail area. Then, as you head deeper into the place, there is a huge room with curtained booths lining the wall. Inside the booths, there are no seats, per se, but there are huge persian pillows with low small tables. You can pull the curtains and do whatever in there. Very decadent. Then, adjoining that area is another bar with a huge dance floor. The Abbey used to be Gay only, but like everything and everywhere else, it’s becoming ambisexual. It’s the current “in” spot for the Brad and Angelina / Paris and Britney set. Liz Taylor wheeled herself in recently to “hang with the youngsters” We had coffee by the fire. It was grey and chilly out. Very nice, indeed. Loved it. I wish I was wanted there. I’d hang out more often.

Then, we went to Venice beach, to the boardwalk. There, I saw this amazingly cool toy. A radio controlled robot racecar that flips over and twists and lunges and practically hunts and kills on it’s own. Brilliant. Had to have it. I had visions in my head of what the kitties would think of such a toy. AND it was only $25.00…ok $23.00…..ok $20.00 and no tax. Probably hot, considering that the little beach critter who sold it to me looked like a gangsta. Anyway…. I got the little robot home and batteried up. William looked at it. Watched it perform it’s tricks. Then he looked at me as if saying “Oh please! move on”  The Bug, on the other hand, was instantly fascinated. He won’t go near it, or touch it, but he’s intrigued. At the slightest whine of it’s motor, he runs over to watch. It’s amazing. And the toy itself is very well constructed and durable. I’m sure it will provide hours of toture and fun.

Oh…we also went to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) and parked near the infamous La brea tar pits. Did you know that the lawns around the tarpits have little bubbling eruptions of hot tar all the time? I didn’t. ‘Twas amazing.

Oh yeah – when we were having lunch at the french market in We Ho, Zach Quinto and some hot guy sat right next to us. He’s taller in person than I thought. Hotter, too.


10 responses to “robo cat torture fun – with oreo double stuffs

  1. Sounds like you had a fun time! Anything good at LACMA? Last Exhibit I saw was rauchenburg at MOCA.
    Anyway After your DEVOlution post I was reminded a bit of two movies I’d seen recently with the same theme.
    Idiocracy, A comedy starring Luke wilson.

    And of course Stupidity, the Documentary

    The documentary looks a bit more at the dumbing down of culture for the sake of reaching an ever wider demographic to market to , especially as economies globalize.

    both are interesting in their own way. I have a copy of the documentary on dvd if you would like to borrow.

  2. Paco-
    We saw the new Broad extension with the Rauschenburgs/Lichtensteins/Warhols,etc.
    great, amazing works. the New building is stunning, too.
    that Doco sounds amazing, and I do want to borrow it!

  3. I remember when the Abby was this tiny hole in the wall coffee house that was so small there was barely room to stand. Last time I was there, they had just moved into the present location but had not yet taken over all of the space as there was still a garden statue company on the other side of the courtyard.
    I am curious though as to why you would think you are not wanted there.
    I haven’t been to LACMA for ages, well since moving north. I can’t wait to see the new buildings and remodeling, the old facility did always fell like a mishmash of different eras architecture.

  4. I would love to come stay at your house for a while and go out and do loads of stuff with ya. It would be fun fun fun!

  5. Oh, I have never thought about a remote controlled car to tease the cat!

    You’re a genius!

    thanks for highlighting for me how dumb that was of me. I reread it and realized that I come off as if I’d just discovered this neat stuff called water. “WOW! It makes you all not thirsty and stuff if you just shove it down your throat.” -Rich

  6. I love Zachary Quinto. His character on Heroes eats human brains.

    I’m going to steal your oreo castle idea…

  7. The current toy of choice around here is the laser pointer, discovered after trying everything else and having Her Catjesty turn up her nose at all of it.

    She’s like the kid who throws the toy away and plays with the box; a close second is any plastic bag. Hours of fun for 3 cents. I just wish I could get a refund on all the other crap I bought her that she won’t touch.

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