young ‘n dumb and full of….dumb

Overheard at the gym:

“Yeah man, I’m totally gettin huge, man. I’m takin (inaudible, but i caught a few steriod names) an it’s gonna explode my arms and chest and shit. Make ’em huge.”

~ said by some young dingdong at the gym with skinny-ish arms. On his left bicep is tattooed an awful jesus head. It looks sort of  like this:   with the “oh brother” look on his face and the rolling of the eyes bit and all. Anyway, I suppose it hasn’t occured to this aspiring young bodybuilder that if he expands the size of his bicep to say….20 inches or more,  Jesus there is gonna get an awfully stretch-ey mug. Poor Jesus. Loved by morons everywhere. 


4 responses to “young ‘n dumb and full of….dumb

  1. He’s gonna explode his arms and chest and SHIT?!

    I haven’t seen explosive shit since a high school prank invovling a paper bag, some firecrackers and of course that special brown ingredient. DING DONG

    Actually your Big Bicep poses have gotten me back to the gym and making progress again.

  2. LOL, love the final comment in that post. Well said.

  3. Given the choice between enlarged arms and shrunken testicles I know what I prefer.

  4. Actually after hearing teh comment about enlarged arms and shrunken testicles it made me wonder who he has tattooed on his balls? Ever wonder what the virgin mary would look like as a sharpe? I would say reagan but the before and after wouldn’t really be noticeable.

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