love marriage

what is love?

is it knowing that there is someone there who thinks as highly of you as you do of him?

Is it knowing that when you get home at night, that there will be someone to warm you up? to talk to? to share things with?

what’s it like? what does it feel like to be loved? to have someone? to be someone’s “other half” or “better half?’ What’s it like to have someone to share things with?

today is a day to confront such thoughts.

“hey rich, when you gonna get married now?


 to whom, exactly?

 to whom?

“you can get married now! congratulations!”

you’re talking to me?

don’t you have to have someone  to marry? some man who would marry you?

i had a soulmate once.

i mean, everyone does.


someone who would have loved me as i am

someone to share a lazy sunday with, snuggled in each others arms

someone to fight with

someone to make up with

i had a soulmate once

i really believe that

i think he was on the other side of the world, though.

i think we never met

i think he’s dead


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