the sick little bitch seed

Girl poisoned family dogs over bad grades, police say

Fullerton youth has been arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty.
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer


Police say a 14-year-old girl in Fullerton lethally poisoned her family’s two dogs following an argument with her parents over bad grades.

Sgt. Mike MacDonald says the girl has been arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty and is in custody at Orange County’s juvenile hall.

Police say the girl fed her sister’s medications to a Yorkie and a larger dog Sunday night after her parents left the house.

The dogs were in shock when the family returned later that night, and the pooches were rushed to a pet clinic, where they died.

Officers say the girl maintains she wasn’t treated fairly when her parents told her Sunday afternoon they weren’t happy with her grades.

The filthy, sick little piggoblin was taken to Fontana federal prison, where she will be gang raped by 3 specially selected 400lb diesel dykes. She will then be destroyed using the same poison that she used on the dogs. Her wrecked, twisted corpse will then be disposed of in a sanitary fashion. The girl’s name has not been released because of her age.


6 responses to “the sick little bitch seed

  1. What a little bitch troll from hell! Thats one of the most terrible things I have ever heard and you know buddy how I feel about animals! Wicked wicked little tramp!

  2. I have to wonder where the parents go from here. I mean, that’s just a completely unforgivable act. It’s not like the little creature just egged the family car or smashed a valued vase.
    She killed 2 loved ones.
    She can never live that down. If I were her parent, I’d want to sell her off to a Chinese sweatshop.

  3. ah Fullerton. My hometown! Land of conservative values and republicans as far as the eye can see. I remember when the big crimes here were grannie dumping ( talking senile granparents to a mall or amusement park and leaving them there cause its cheaper than putting them in a home) and grand theft sago palm. Ah you gotta love that compassionate conservatism. I mean really, you gotta cause its a law there and they will arrest you if you don’t!

  4. Rich: Thanks for posting that disgusting crime! Cruelty to animals is inexcusable. Like Paco, I used to live in Fullerton, and the area has been going downhill.

    Now, of course, hospitals dump senile elderly patients on skid row! Grannie dumping by individuals is just as bad. Gotta say it! Enforced, universal health coverage anyone? CB

  5. Hmm I wonder what jesus would do on that question. Once again conservatives show their contempt for jesus.

    Mathew 19:16-26
    “If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.”

    once again conservatives try to kill jesus with their supply side fascism

    CB take your hatred of jesus and hatred of america elsewhere

    Keep christianity from being perverted with conservative political vomit!

  6. What’s the number for the PETA hotline?

    Rich, mind if I use your Obama jpg? I have the full-size poster version.

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