The Roth of God

So since the Calfornia Supreme court legalized ‘Mo Marriage last week, the wrath of god has descended on the golden state, causing massive death and destruction on a biblical scale. This is the just reward for incurring god’s displeasure that all good, god fearing xtians expected.


Oh wait.  Actually it didn’t happen.

Or rather, it didn’t happen in California. It happened in Jesus central, which is Oklahoma, Kansas and (shudder) Colorado. Oopsie! God’s bad. He missed his aim.

Oh we did get a tornado or two in butt-awful nowhere. It was in San Bernadino or Riverside or some such Inland Empire backwater. But nobody was hurt, and there was little or no property damage.


Ever notice that when we homosextians do something awful like throw a festival or affirm our basic rights or have a gay pride day, some baptist church in Buttwalla Kansas gets smashed into matchsticks by a tornado? I wonder about that.

Also, whenever we have a street fair or party, the sun is sure to shine. I guess that God is either inept, has a bad aim, or just likes to beat up on the moron xtians, just like the rest of us.

4 responses to “The Roth of God

  1. well you have to remember jesus never said anything about being gay. Watch and see how the conservatives quote everyone except Jesus on this issue. For something to be so sinful as to be the cause of earthquakes and tornados its amazing jesus never mentioned it. Its not even one of the ten commandments. Like I said conservatives hate Jesus and will never quote him on the issues they protest. They Woud rather him be seen and not heard as they replace his teachings with republican philosophy

  2. Woody Allen says it best:
    “If Jesus were to come back today, and see all that’s being said and done in his name, he’d never stop throwing up”

  3. Now if we could only get Sharon Stone to quit sounding like the Left’s equivalent of Pat Robertson…did you hear about her China earthquake = karma statement?

  4. Yeah. Tell that to all of those dead little children, Sharon.

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