Christ on a cracker!


“I refuse to be lectured on national security by people who are responsible for the most disastrous set of foreign policy decisions in the recent history of the United States.”

There’s more: 

“Osama bin Laden and his top leadership — the people who murdered 3,000 Americans — have a safe-haven in northwest Pakistan, where they operate with such freedom of action that they can still put out hate-filled audiotapes to the outside world,” he said. “That’s the result of the Bush-McCain approach to the war on terrorism.”


6 responses to “OBAMA ROCKS!!

  1. republicans can’t be trusted with national security

  2. I don’t know how the hell Osama was never ever found while Bush is in power. They captured Saddam but not Osama. Oh thats right the bushes and the Bin Ladens are mates aren’t they!

  3. I have left you a little message on my blog under ‘Romachs playlist’ Scroll through it and you will find it sexy mans 😉

  4. romach, the us base in Ryad was what set osama off. It was because of this estblished base in Saudi Arabia that bin laden made his infamous ” foreign prince in Arab land” speech in which he encourages followers and Muslims to kill Americans. What was the first thing bush did after 9/11? He pulled our troops out of Ryad giving bin laden exactly what he asked for. Bush to bin laden , ” yes bin laden your wish is my command.”
    the republican party is the party of treason

  5. @Paco Its so disgusting, it really is. I really hate Obama can hammer Mc Cain into the ground now.

  6. not sure if you saw this one. Bush wants to ‘rewrite’ the evidence against the gitmo detainees

    how can this even be possibe. that along with the sudden cave in on telecom immunity

    say good bye america, the republinazis have decided to burn our constitution

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