Jesse Helms


If you listen real quietly and intently, you can hear Jesse Helms screaming in hell.


hear it?


I’m just happy he finally croaked.

Happy 4th of July, everyone.

Happy landings, Jesse.


4 responses to “Jesse Helms

  1. I know we are only supposed to say good things about the dead so hear goes. Jesse Helms is dead. Good!

  2. Thank you Bette Davis!

    I think you showed admirable restraint; personally, I went all out on my condemnation of the man. After all – quid pro quo, or something…

    What I mean is, bitch had it coming to him!

  3. Even as a Canadian I found him vile and disgusting. A man filled with hate and judgement.

    Great post! As usual.

  4. I smile each time I remember that he’s finally gone. Took him long enough.

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