oh wow.
I just got the most incredible backhanded slap on one of the bear sites, it’s unbelievable.

This local guy who’s always been hot for all of my friends at the eagle but very cool towards me must’ve found my page there.
He just IM’d me asking if I was going to Lazybear this year.

I know why he was asking.

He doesn’t give a rats orgasm if I’m going, he was trying to find out if THEY were. you see, none of them have pages on that site.
So I replied “no, but some of the others will be there.”

His reply?


It was


glad to know i’ll be missed. Jesus!


8 responses to “dogshit

  1. Hey, I’D miss you, and I’m not even going to Lazy Bear!

  2. Hes an arse hole buddy, I bet if you went you would be the hottest guy there 🙂

  3. Really? A tacky, shallow bitch in the gay community? Gee, I hope this doesn’t catch on!

    You should go over to his place with that cop uniform of yours on and teach him a lesson or two with the truncheon, buddy.

  4. just found your blog and had to comment
    that guy is a dick
    i saw some of your friends on your flickr site
    ok im sure theyre nice but you are way hotter
    and a star trek geek
    and an outspoken leftie that has the energy to speak up about all the crap in the world for those of us too lazy to only think it………

  5. There is, and has always been, a certain humility in being reminded of the “pecking” order.

    Sucks, I know.

    Just keep being hot. That’s all you can do!

  6. For what it’s worth, maybe you could show up at MY house in that cop uniform of yours and teach me a thing or two. Or three.

  7. roman : he certainly knows how to make a cop uniform look good!

    ” now put your finger in there and twist!”– lois griffin, family guy

  8. I wouldn’t have even replied to him…..

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