Happy Friday

Now go throw up.


6 responses to “Happy Friday

  1. That defo makes my breakfast come back up lol

  2. $5 gas
    Telecom immunity
    Unsafe pet foods
    Unsafe baby food
    Salmonella tainted tomatos
    Medicines from china killing people
    Cafos decimating local fishing industries polluting them with pheisteria
    Patrick Fitzgerald reported on this admins orhestrated outing of” covert operative” ( yes he concluded she was covert at the time) valerie
    Indy mac seized
    Housing bubble

    But why should she worry her pretty little mind over it?

    If you are a republican and not embarrassed by this, you must really hate America

  3. The First Lady of Stepford!

  4. OK, now not to sound like a stupid Canuck….Who’s this bitch???

  5. umm I would say the 1st lady but that would suggest bush was legally elected. So I guess ” the squater’s wife is more appropriate.

  6. scoundrel – It’s that soul-less, vapid zero we have to call the first lady, Laura whatever.

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