F * R * E * A * K

Sweet baby jeezis, is this really the best that the republigoons can do? Really? This pasty mcgoo, in case you haven’t noticed, is swan diving into dementia by the day. Did you read about his disjointed, incoherent comments at a meeting of Google pinheads? He was bragging..BRAGGING that he graduated from annapolis in the BOTTOM 10 OF HIS CLASS! Of course, Barack Obama guaduated MAGNA CUM LAUDE from Harvard Law school. So who’s the better choice? is it REALLY a question?  During the same bizarre speech where the repiglican candidate bragged of his low educational history, he appeared disjointed, his speech slurred. Almost as if he’d suffered a series of strokes. Good lord, if he does have a stroke, who will be able to tell?  He’s already such a mess. The guy looks 85 easily.

Then there was his creepy, skewfucked body language when a reporter asked him to comment why he voted to support insurance compensation for viagra but not for birth control. He seemed genuinely confused, as if he couldn’t understand at first what she was talking about. Then, he tightened up as if someone was shoving a hot poker up his ass. He got all corkscrewed, twisting and torquing his body around.

If this dumbass country is stupid enough to actually elect yet another republican fucktard, then it deserves to fall into economic chaos. Oh wait! We already have, because too many stupid fucks voted that asshat dumb-as-paint monkeynuts to a second term.


One response to “F * R * E * A * K

  1. peronally I like how he tried to lie about his comment about not knowing much about economics! The best part was when he then said he was catching up in that area now that he started reading Alan Greenspan’s book.
    How pathetic!

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