Cry me a frikkin river

I‘ve been so busy at work lately it’s hard to post, but I’m making more of an effort.

At least at the moment I am.

I finished my ENTERPRISE PROJECT. FINALLY. 6 months, 4 exacto blade finger slashes, 10 cans of irridescent spray paint, and every last nerve of mine later, it’s done. Here are a couple of thumbs. click to enlarge and shit.

I’m a geek, but damn! I’m talented.

You can see more pics of it, as well as my other replicas here:


                      *              *              *               *

So poor, poor widdle Senator McGoo is cwying that the meanies in the corporate media dont wike him anymowe!!! Poor Senator McPuddle is upset because the whole free world ( and a helluva lot of the un-free world) is enthralled with Obama’s charisma, intelligence, and eloquence.

…And no one likes him! McGoo and his goons are complaining because yesterday, when he landed at his campain spot in buttfuckwalla nowheresville, there was only one cameraman, one reporter and a lemonade cart to greet him.







Even though they are nothing but repulsive reptilian republicans, I almost feel sorry for them all.

Well, on second thought, no I don’t.


                       *                 *                  *                 *                   *

Liddy Dole has been confirmed to be the mother of the Joker. No kidding. except she’s more unhinged than he is. I mean, look at it her. This old troglodyte has proposed renaming the HIV/AIDS bill after…

…. you won’t believe this, you really won’t….

Jesse Helms.

That’s like renaming the Simon Weisenthal centre after Dr. Josef Mengele.

Or A major east coast airport after Ronald Reagan, the man who’s administration single handedly clubbed the U.S. airline/FAA infrastructure into a 20 year decline which is now utterly collapsing the system from within.

Oh wait. They DID name an airport after him. Christ!


                       *                     *                       *               *                        *

I went to visit a friend last night at Cedars Sinai hospital in Beverly Hills.

It’s easily the most ginormous, super opulent mega luxury hotel I’ve ever been in, and it’s a fuckin HOSPITAL!

If you’ve never heard of it, it’s THE hospital to be seen leaving after your celebrity detox/suicide attempt/facelift . Only the best of the mega rich best go there. Just to get in you have to pass three security gauntlets and provide EXACT patient name info and wear an I.D.badge (pictured) or you DO NOT GET IN.

Inside each room is a plasma tv. In every hallway and elevator lobby hang works of art any city museum would envy. However, it was weird. Hanging in one hallway, right next to some oxygen tanks, was one of Joni Mitchell’s gold records.

I wonder if some of the past patients were short on funds and had to pay with personal memorabilia?

All of the wards and buildings are named after, presumably, celebrity donors.

There’s the Burns and Allen center, The Steven Speilberg building.

I didnt see the Uncle Miltie wing, but I’ll bet it’s there – next to the Desi- Lucy lung cancer ward. 

As we were walking along outside, Dave noticed, in the soil under the bushes all along the walkway in front of the main tower, little pot plants growing everywhere. We counted about 8 plants.

Maybe that was Cheech Marins donation.



3 responses to “Cry me a frikkin river

  1. Dang.

    That’s some enterprise.

    I mean Enterprise.

  2. Damn. Nice work.

  3. In San Francisco, they named sewerage treatment plant after some guy in the White House. That has a kind of elegance.

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