You’ve got to love …LOVE the pathetic irony here. Can the repigs invent any more ways to fail miserably? I love the bavarian cutout characters. I bet that the secret service had a blast with those.


4 responses to “MAGNETISM

  1. I’ve been to Schmits Sausage House in Columbus (I used to live there) it was right across the street from the grocery store “Big Bear” which was nicknamed Gay Bear because German Village was homo haven back then.

  2. LOL gay bear grocery store. I wonder if McSlurred speach went cruising for bear after stuffing himself silly with german sausage. Maybe he just needed some Tylenol. That bratwurst is some seriously thick meat!

  3. Paco, I heard that he had another chunk taken out of his cheek today. The idea of him cruising for anyone is very disturbing.

  4. yep. And all the crap consevatives gave Clinton over not making his medical records public! McCain is doing the same. What is it the conservatives say ? Oh yes…”where’s the outrage” what’s bunch of hypocrites.

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