Yeah we had an earthquake here in Lovely Los Angeles today. And naturally, everyone is running around in a panic. Certain brain dead people I work with immediately ran up to the huge 30 foot high plate glass window in my office which looks into our 5 storey high atrium. I could see other morons on the 2nd and 3rd floor looking out their floor-to cieling plate windows as well.

The quake was a 5.8 and went on for , it felt like, about 10 seconds or so. a long roll and a big jolt jolt jolt.

cell phone and land lines immediately went dead.

back to normal now, though.


4 responses to “RUMBLE

  1. Oh buddy, does that not mean a bigger one is on the way? I hope not.

  2. In ca it’s rare that a large foreshock precedes a larger earthquake. There were talks of a smaller earthquake that hit at 5 am yesterday possibly being a foreshock to the now downgraded 5.4 that hit around noon. The rule of thumb though is that the more time that passes the less likely it becomes that a large aftershock or a larger quake along the same fault will occur. There have been about 130 small aftershocks recorded so far and we expect more throughout the week. I was in Monrovia when it hit yesterday. Being much closer to the epicenter, it felt like a 4. It rolled for about 30 seconds. The duration was about the most disturbing thing. Most quakes are over quickly but this one kept going and I could see the frame of the restaurant I was in flex.

  3. Well, having lived in L.A. I’m just glad you’re OK.

  4. Think of the damage just in Beverly Hills alone; some of those women at Mr. Chow haven’t jiggled in years, and now they’ll all have to go in for their tightening ahead of schedule. I mean, really people… It’s always the poor socialites who suffer!
    LOL -You just made me squirt diet coke outta my nose! BWAA HAAA HAAA -Rich

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