Weekend shots

UPDATE: all these pics and more can be found HERE: http://s152.photobucket.com/albums/s167/richc764/BATMOBILE/
So on Saturday, I took my new toy (literally) -a 1/18 scale (about 1 foot long) replica of the 1966 t.v. Series Batmobile out for some photos. There’s a great location in theh parking lot of Gold’s gym in North Hollywood where I can get some great perspective shots of miniatures, and it provides a great depth illusion that makes them look like fullsize originals instead just a replica. Afterwards, I remembered that the real Batmobile is  only 6 blocks or so away, so I went  over to George Barris’s shop to take some pics of my replica with the original Batmobile. George Barris built the batmobile in 1966 out of the Ford Futura concept car.
Below is a comparison picture of the replica with the actual batmobile. Pretty close, huh?
Barris wasn’t there when I stopped by, but if he’s there, he’ll usually let you sit in the batmobile driver’s seat. He’s a really, really nice guy.
batmobile022.jpg picture by richc764

This picture below was taken in Century City, where they shot all of the “Gotham City” scenes in the t.v. show. Note those distinctive lampposts in the background could always be seen in the shots. In fact, that citibank building in the background was used in the “Batman” movie as the United World building.

Here it is in my display case at home.

batmobilels001-1.jpg picture by richc764

batmobile013.jpg picture by richc764


8 responses to “Weekend shots

  1. OMG! Could I possibly love you even more than I do now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You have some of the coolest toys…

    So— True story. There I was after the World Science Fiction convention had closed and the exhibitors were breaking down. The Batmobile had been on display the whole five days. When it was time to move it, they cranked the engine and slowly drove it out of the hall. As it went past every booth, peeople would start singing the old Btman theme untill it went past them. It took fiftenn minutes for it to get out, as it had to go very slow in a very large hall. As it exited the everyone in the hall applauded. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

    PS: I will be in LA next week, wanna hang out a bit?

  3. Kory, that story is so amazingly cool!

  4. That is great to see. Thanks for sharing.

  5. very cool! I think you should have done a running pose though. Nana nana nana nana nana nana na Bat Bear!

  6. There’s no dates on your posts (and no contact email), so I can’t tell if you’ve long ago finished your PL refit kit…

    In one post I see you cutting (and designing?) your own template (is that frisket?) for the painting of the saucer. But in another post you appear to have applied the Aztec Dummies mask to the upper saucer (a mask that appears to be very inaccurate to me).

    I’m in prep mode to build the same kit and I’m making those difficult decision about matching the studio model vs. how people perceive the refit Enterprise to look. Did you actually design and cut your own mask (which looks to be much more accurate than the Aztec Dummies mask)? Did you use and interior support structure to stabilize the model?

    BTW, re: this post, I used the same camera trick in nearly every video I made in school! It’s classic and it works – – I had to look at the Batmobile a couple of times to see it was a miniature.

  7. Hey David,
    I finished the refit in…God i think it was june. it was a 6 month build. I did use the aztec dummies on the primary hull, but i also made two additional friskets of my own design because those aztec dummies just don’t cut it for real layered detail. i used paper thin sheet styrene, not frisket paper. i didnt much use the aztec dummies for any other part of the ship, as they were too wierd and unweildy to work with. i used no additional strengthening as the kit itself has ample sturdiness, and they took into account the potential for “nacelle droop” when they designed it.
    i used reference photos culled off the internet exclusively for my refit

  8. Time for some pics of the Big E then, man!

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