Heading up north to the Bay Area this weekend. My 80 year old aunt died and I’m going up to comfort my mom. They were really close. 2 of my out-of town sisters will be there also. It will be nice to see the family and tread the home turf.

It’s interesting. My Aunt was a nun ( Sisters of the Holy Names ), so the funeral was closed to all but immediate family, such as brothers and sisters. She became a nun in 1947, just a kid. It’s hard for me to imagine being part of one thing for that long a time. She and my Mom used to fight all the time because my Mom was (and is) an arch conservative Catholic, and my Aunt was a member of a very liberal order. One Halloween, when I was in High School, I dressed as a nun. My aunt was visiting that night and I went down to show off my frock (FAG!) Anyway, my Mom had a coronary and would have forbade my going out in that blasphemous outfit, but my Aunt interceded, saying that it was both hilarious and harmless.

Anyway…I might drop in on good old San Francisco if I get a chance. On Monday, I plan on going back via the 99 so I can stop to visit Paul




3 responses to “North

  1. Hope all goes well, call me if you need to escape the family madness.

  2. Sorry to hear about you aunt : -(

  3. Hey buddy I am so sorry to hear of your families loss. Sending big hugs your way.-

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