Battle stations

I‘ve been in a state of inertia due to depression and despair owing to my family problems, and it was compounded last week by the torrential outpouring of loathesome, vile bullshit from the Republican convention. I’m not going to re-iterate what has been said about that Palin piece of shit. Enough virtual ink has been spilled about that miserable slat, and I’m not going to get into that right now….not yet.

I’m going to tell you about two of the positive, bright lights that have pierced the gloom, and made these 2 weeks bearable. Those two bright lights are the Civil Partnership  W E D D I N G in Liverpool, UK of my Friends Mark and Eian, and the M A R R I A G E (!!!) of My friends Rob and Fuad in San Francisco.

Because of these events, and to help in whatever way I can to see that millions of other “Robs and Fuads” and “Mark and Eains”in California are able to enjoy this right, I’m going to work on both the “NO on 8” campaign and the OBAMA ’08 campaign. I’ve signed up with the Local Democratic HQ here in Van Nuys, and from there I’ll learn how to help with the NO on 8 campaign as well.

Look , it’s one thing to wallow in self pity and bitch and moan and be depressed sitting around watching old Spencer Tracy films, and it’s another  thing to get off one’s lazy ass and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. there is simply too much at stake this time around to just vote. I need to get involved and DO SOMETHING.

For those outside California, Proposition 8 is the ballot initiative to amend the state constitution to ban forever equal marriage in this state. If it passes, Gay men and women will be forever denied the basic right to marry that any other tax paying citizen has. Rob and Fuad were able to marry only because a group of “activist Judges”* overturned the earlier prop 22, which was a ban on gay marriage because it was found to be unconstitutional. Those bastard judges had the nerve to to their job and apply prop 22 to the constitutional test. It FAILED it. Now we have Prop 8, and I have no reason to believe that people will do the right thing and vote this down without A lot of persuasion.

So my free time is probably gonna be …ummm…limited frome here on till november 4th, but I gotta do it.


I CHALLENGE you to do the same.

Lastly but not leastly,

a heartfelt thanks to all of you folks who’ve put up with my BS in the last 2 weeks and shown me compassion which has really helped me immensly.


8 responses to “Battle stations

  1. If I was in CA right now I’d give you a big wet kiss. Glad to see you back.

  2. Glad to be there for you.

    Now as for the elections, I just heard that the nut ball Palin has made the statement that the Iraq war is part of God’s plan. Um, yeah, right. Which God, the Christian or the Muslim? Oh, wait, that’s right, since both are descended from the line of Abraham, which includes the Jews BTW, they share the same God! Funny how that seems to get over looked by the reactionary fascists.

  3. right. Now a new conservative voter supression scheme has popped up to target college students. They are sending letters on campus stationary telling students that if they register to vote their parents can no longer claim them as a dependant and they can lose their funding. This is of course false but that doesn’t stop republicans from repeating the lie. Just ask palin about her bridge to Nowhere and you’ll see what I mean.

  4. I am so so proud of you buddy and I think what you are doing is wonderful! Like Matthew I wana give you big wet kisses! But don’t worry I am putting loads of them away until we get over there and see ya 🙂

  5. I’m thinking about funding a class action lawsuit against the churches and hate-groups that are pushing prop 8 if it passes.

  6. Here’s the thing for me: I came out at age 19. That was a long time ago. Let’s put it this way: I was cute then. Almost 30 years ago.

    I could not have even conceived of marriage for gay folk. When I came out, going to the bars was a dicey proposition. This was in KC. We used to anticipate police raids as a matter of fact. We would be dancing, minding our own businesss, when the house lights would come up and police would file through with flashlights and dogs. We knew we would have to stand at attention and NOT TOUCH one another, nor look into the eyes of anyone, especially the police. That was grounds for arrest. They used to park a “paddy waggon” up to the door of the bar and herd us into it for any percieved infraction of “lewd and lescivious” behavior. That included holding hands. I once saw a friend of mine shot dead on the dance floor because he refused to comply. The police said he was “resisting arrest”. I’ll never forget that….never. His parents didn’t even claim his body. We took up a fund for his funeral.

    OK, that story is depressing……but my point is, we HAVE come a long way since then. I am so hopeful. Time is on our side. Truly.

    We are actually asking for marriage equality. That is incredible. No, really. It is a reality for some. I can’t tell you how unbelievable that is. I know you are frustrated. I am too. But we have come so far……..I am so impressed by your passion. Thank you for your blog. Did I mention how much I admire you?
    Mark, this story should be read by every jaded, callow kidhomo who doesn’t know or care about his own heritage. staggering. -Rich

  7. This country needs a Palinoscopy.

    Glad to hear you’re getting active and doing something. This really is an atrocity, an abomination ready to happen. We must pull out all the stops.

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