items of interest (or not)


I was going to post about a most awful example of tattooery seen yesterday at the gym. The offending artwork is on the right and left shoulders, just on and above the huge, buging biceps of this hot young guy.  On his right boulder, he has a sort of fey Jesus, in an eastern orthodox sort of way. He has almond eyes, dark skin, and that eternally bored-with-it-all-just-get-on-with-it look that all Eastern orthodox dieties have. His face is surrounded by batwing-ish things, like dried leaves or something. Truly awful.

On his poor, unfortunate left boulder is this truly stunning horror. It’s ( I can only assume) the virgin mary.  She has an awful, pouting overbite, with two buck teeth. She is wearing a nun’s headgear, not at all unlike this:

And she’s surrounded by a heart shaped garland of garish, blood red roses.

I was going to blog about that.

But while I was googling images of ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN ICONS, I came upon some images that I wish instead to ruminate upon just a bit.

Image number one:

This is Leslie Christianicon. No kidding. That’s her name. Google it yourself if you don’t believe me. I dont’t know why, but her image really piques my imagination. Who is this enigmatically ….. interesting looking woman?

where is she from? Is she necessarily human?

how do you know?

Dont you think that she looks just a bit like this martian?

I’m just sayin’.





I bet Leslie Christianicon is a very pleasant lady, who enjoys a nice broiled chicken breast now and again, with some lovely greenbeans, and a nice fruit compote for dessert.

I love her neclace thingy, too. It’s amazing what you can do with a few loose nickels.

Next we have a very typical example of the “please just kill me now before I die of boredom” school of religious iconic painitngs:

 Man, even the kid looks desperately bored. Either that, or he’s intently staring at a zit on the side of her nose.

I mean, really, why so much boredom? True, they lived before the dawn of time, when there wasn’t even VHS to eek out some kind of entertainment, and no air conditioning or deodorant or flip flops or even swimming pools, so I guess we’d all look constipated too.



but still, I was thinking: Bright, wonderful, vibrant winners today know how to take a snappy, winning picture.


Maybe something more like THIS:

 Yes, indeed.


MUCH more appropriate, I think.





Don’t you?

5 responses to “items of interest (or not)

  1. LOL…I see a lot of those really bad Jesus and Mary tattoo’s around Wichita. They always strike me as very cliche’ like women with rose tattoo’s on the breast.

  2. Wait, why is Caribou Barbie holding the baby Jesus?

  3. You…..bastard person!

    I enjoy a nice broiled chicken breast now and again, with some lovely greenbeans, and a nice fruit compote for dessert.

    This was an intential dig at me, wasn’t it!? Get out of my head!

    You are forgiven.

  4. Every time I start thinking I might like a tattoo, along comes something like this and sets me back six months. Since it’d take me eight months to save up for one, at this rate it’ll never happen.

    (On the bright side, with no tattoos I’ll be able to be buried in a Jewish cemetery. Not that I’m Jewish or believe in burial, but it’s nice to leave my options open in case David Geffen decides to start answering my emails.)

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