That’s what one angry Ohio Democrat called me on Saturday.

I was phone banking at the Democratic HQ on Saturday, and the results I got, when I actually got a live person on the phone, was discouraging. Most of the people I talked to (or AT, depending on how you look at it) responded to the question “Will you be Voting for Senator Obama on November 4th?” with very emphatic NO’s. Most I spoke to were women. The creature who spoke croaked the titular epithet to me was female. All were from the Cincinnati area.

All of them were also registered Democrats.

It’s interesting how it’s done. You’re given random pages from voter rolls with lists of names, phone #’s and frequency of voting info. they then ask for your driver’s licence. In exchange, you ‘re given a cell phone and are sent to a folding table with a printed script to talk from. You then have to mark off the following in the response area

Y = yes -voting Obama

N = No, no Obama (you may NOT, under any circumstances challenge or question a call-ee)

LM =left message

BN =bad number

NA = no answer


5 responses to “N*GGERLOVER!

  1. Man that is disappointing, but there is hate everywhere… hopefully our support for Obama may someday make that kind of bigotry less common.

  2. Even though it’s not a PC term , I guess you could have thrown back at them that technically Senator Obama is a mulatto, since one parent is black and one white. That might be fun to watch how that locks up their white bread asses.

  3. And this surprises you?

    I must spend a lot more time investigating the ugly underside of human nature than you; any YouTube video of Dr. King will yield oodles of this kind of sentiment (and worse) in its comment roll.

  4. WOW. I’m completely surprised. Registered Democrats and they’re using words like that? And I’m watching the slander begin against Obama. It’s too bad. He’s quite brilliant.

  5. and it’s still a close race. Anyone that thinks this will be an easy win is mistaken.

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