Cat of the Day

I‘m so proud! The Bug made “Cat of the Day”. I was so busy last week, I never checked the site. Then, Yesterday I was looking at the “past cats” thumbnail pictures, and I saw the 9/15 cat. I thought he looked kinda like the Bug, so I clicked on it and voila! It’s MY cat. I entered both him and William about a year and a half ago, and the Bug finally made it.

Below is a screen capture, and Here’s the link to the page if you want a closer look:

Yeah, I know. How gay can you get? I even “speak”for him. Hopelessly Homo.


5 responses to “Cat of the Day

  1. Awh….congrats. Our pussy (Bacardi) was also saved from a shelter!

  2. What a gushing proud father you are.

  3. My faithful companion, Carmen, died recently. I got her from the local SPCA when she was four months old. That was sixteen years ago. I had never seen a real live cat before I adopted her, never even knew anyone with an actual cat. Of all the cats I saw the day I took her home, she was the only one who crawled into my lap, curled up and fell asleep. She was docile and silent. Just what I wanted. Little did I know……..

    It was all an act. For the first two months I had her, she used to cry at the bottom of the stairs until I would pick her up and carry her to the second floor of my condo. And I did. I was a spinless jellyfish as far as she was concerned. And she was a spineless feline with emotional needs only second to members of my own family who shall remain anonymous. And she loved to be held. All the time. And she was very vocal. All the time. I thought cats were supposed to be quiet and aloof. She was always going on and on about some mysteriously relevant “cat” issue and would stare right at me and paw at my face until I responded with the correct tone of voice and hold her. And then she would curl up and fall asleep.

    I miss Carmen.

  4. Mark, I’d love it if you’d send me a picture of her.You realise, don’t you, that you gave her, literally, her life?

  5. Well, this is obviously a good enough cat to be Cat of the Month, forget Cat of the Day.

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