Folsom, part one

So last Sunday, I drove up to SF to the Folsom Street Fair. I got there at about 1pm, and it was jammed with an estimated 100,000 fair-goers from all over the world. Attendance was up for three main reasons. #1 is that it was the 25th anniversary. #2 is that since the dollar is now a 3rd world currency, the U.S. is a bargain for foreign travelers, so every perv in the world came this year (and they were all hot n hunky!). #3 is that because of reason #2, most U.S. pervs stayed in country, and decided to sin locally. It was all good. I met up with Kory, and we made our way through the crowd, kissing, groping, and nipple twisting all down folsom St. I also got groped, kissed and twisted right and left. It was allllllll just what the Doctor ordered. I’m not making it up when I say that had I the inclination, I could easily have had 100’s of sexual encounters with an unlimited amount of hot men. I ran into an old SF play mate, who is now an adult film actor (and bare chest calender man! woof!) and it was funny, because he was so jaded and over it all, and just wanted to go fuck, and I was just overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of queerdome that I was so joyously reveling in. I said look, it’s been over 8 years since I’ve experienced such a scene, and we have NOTHING….N O T H I N G like this in Los Angeles. I just wanted to be there and enjoy it, and I did!

Here are some pics. Unfortunately, my rechargeable batteries crapped out, and I only got a handful of pics, but I got a couple of nice shots.

Let’s take a look.


 This photo above is of the miserable prude xtians and their pitiful “protest” site. I took the picture because I wanted you to notice the humpy guy on the bicycle who was confronting the imbeciles.

I’ve enlarged his enlargement so you can see it closer in all it’s bigness. I should add that as he shifted weight from right to left foot, his package rubbed and throbbed.


  This was a group of veddy proper Victorians who were having an English tea, in the gutter. Unfortunately, it was only 2pm, so it was not a proper 4:30 English tea.

Aren’t they loveley, though?

This is a hint of the size of it. it went on for six blocks, simply PACKED. 












grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I ran into this hot bear later at Lonestar. He made me put my hand down his pants.

it was the size of a colt .45 beer can

… He MADE me do it.



this next self explanatory pic is


not (particularly)












so… you’re warned!  



I’ll leave you with this anecdote, related to me by an eye witness.

There was a huge 6 foot 6 muscular black man, naked but for a leather hood which covered his face. He was standing on the curb, masturbating his huge 10plus cock. a crowd was gathered to watch, among them was a nice, typical tourist couple, probably from Fargo.

The huge man convulsed and exploded a huge gush of splooge right at the nice probably-from-Fargo couple.

The wife FREAKED

She’d probably never imagined that a man could do such a thing, and she screamed and had to be led away by the white faced husband, in hysterical tears.


Price of gas to get to Folsom – $100.00

donation for fair – $8.00

cum soaked, freaked out midwestern tourists – priceless


One response to “Folsom, part one

  1. Damn it… I wanna be the midwest tourist getting splashed with cum! Lewdness is wasted on straight people. Maybe next year.

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