Folsom part 2

So Monday morning, I saw this commercial in favor of prop 8, the ballot initiative in California that wants to forever kill gay marriage in this state.

here it is:

Later, I walked down to San Francisco city hall to revisit one of my old habits, which was smoking my pipe early in the morning at civic center plaza. I was in my ( 8 years ago) usual spot, at about 845am, and up walks Mayor Gavin Newsom. “Mr Mayor!” I called.”I saw the pro prop 8 ad this morning during the “Today” show and they used footage of your pro gay marriage speech to illustrate how evil and corrupt gay marriage is, and I just want to say that on November 5th, when they’ve gone down in flames, we’re gonna use that clip of you , sir, to nail them and rub the salt in the wound” He laughed,said he’d seen the ad himself and asked me if I was from LA (he noted my “EAGLE L.A.” shirt). He seemed taller and thinner in person, but that complicated ‘do of his marked him instantly. He must have stock in the brylcreem mousse co.

His reaction to my admission of residency in Los Angeles differed greatly from virtually every other San Franciscan I encountered last weekend. When I would respond to the query “Where are you from?”, I would respond “Los Angeles” Now, you, gentle reader, see that as “Los Angeles”, but due to some unknown accoustical anomoly in the city, it was heard by these kind people as “I’ve just arrived from a highly contagious leper colony in Borneo, and I am an infected escapee. Can we now please fuck?”

Really, this unwarranted snobbishness towards LA is really disappointing. Really, it is. LA aint much to look at, and it is really just one big ugly strip mall, but the people I’ve had the privilege of knowing here are head and shoulders above almost anyone I ever knew in SF. Enough!

Later, I was at StarBears in the Castro. Aside- the Castro Theatre marquee looks AWESOME since they repainted it back to it’s 1920’s-1980’s glorious color scheme. But I digress. I was at the StarBears, and I noticed this Handsome, tall furry bear cruising me, so I cruised back a bit. Presently, he approached me and we engaged in small talk. He mentioned something about being from San Jose, so I asked him where he went to high school. Ends up that not only was he from the same high school, but that we graduated the same year and were classmates! I completely did not recognise him at first, as he was a skinny kid in H.S., but he recognised me instantly, even with the grey beard and bald head. He said that my green eyes gave me away. So we chatted the afternoon away talking about old friends and old times.He remembered events and stuff I said and did that i had TOTALLY forgotten about. Small, Small world.


6 responses to “Folsom part 2

  1. LOL… they should be careful… I hear all the gays are moving to Palm Springs anyways.

  2. I think all cities develop a sort of projected image. Anyone who would blindly apply such a view to everyone they meet from said city is probably not someone you want to know anyway.

    I’ve met many kind and genuine folks who happen to live in LA.

  3. Funny, how you as a Bay Area native find the people in LA friendlier and I, as a LA native find the people in the Bay Area friendlier. Go Figure…

  4. Rich, It was so nice to see you again after 25 years, of all places in SF at Star Bears.
    Noticing a muscular beefy distinguished man smoking a pipe and finally mustering up the courage to say hello,when after a few minutes of talking it was you an old friend was special. Thanks for the nice compliment on you blog. I hope to hear from you soon handsome man!

  5. glad to hear you had a great time. As usual your life is a wild ride, from the loss of an old friend to reconnecting with a high school pal. I spent the weekend setting up my new flash equiptment. Not as exciting. Big hugs!

  6. Well I cant wait to come to LA spend lots of time with you 🙂

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