Brain Candy

I was on vacation the past two weeks, and didn’t spend too much time online, except to make a couple of posts. Paul’s death left me in a depression. I got behind on my blog roll. One site which I visit daily, and am addicted to like crack, is The Pop Culture Institute, which comes from the fertile mind of my friend (I’m so proud to write that) Michael Sean Morris. Check it out! You’ll become addicted. It’s bite sized morsels of stuff you didn’t know. Go there!


2 responses to “Brain Candy

  1. Well, aren’t you sweet? It’s very heartening to know that my work is reaching people in a manner as intense as addiction. In lieu of a cult of personality, I’ll take it…

    You know, I once described my blog on “Joe.My.God” as “too gay for straight people, too straight for gays, too black for whites, too white for anyone, and too funny to be taken seriously”; I’m just glad to be finding my audience one person at a time.

    I’m sure I’m not the first person to say this, but thanks for the plug buddy! You were so gentle it didn’t hurt at all!

  2. I just calls ’em like I see’s ’em!

    …Your blog is like the discovery channel!

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