The Adventures of Grampy McShambles

Did you see that trainwreck of a presidential debate last night?

Sweet Jeebus on a pogo stick!

 Look, 100,000,000 gallons of virtual ink has already been spilled over this thing, I know. Be that as it may, here are a few of my observations:

McClaine referring to Barack Obama, as “That one”.

OK Grampy?   It’s “THE one” …not “That one”     …. get it right, you senile old douchebag. He’s shortly to be your President-elect. Show some respect, for chrissakes.

Grampy’s constant pacing about the floor, back and forth, back and forth…

WTF? Is he on something? It looked like he needed to pee very badly. Couldn’t he use the toilet before the debate began?  Of course, the alternate possibility, mentioned above and by others in the bloggysphere is that he was hopped up on something. Probably crack.

…back and forth  …. back and forth…

Using the phrase “My Friends” about 900 times

Jesus! Fratboys and Nuns must’ve gotten pissed drunk off their asses on that drinking game key phrase. How many times? did anyone count them? Could anyone count them? And please, Grampy…the polls show that only about 20 people worldwide consider themselves your friend. I ain’t one of them, so for the love of god, please DON’T CALL ME THAT !

…What do I look like? Joe Asshat Lieberman?

Senator Obama

He looked amazingly cool, collected, PRESIDENTIAL throughout the whole thing. His look of amazement when Senator Senile did his “That one” thing was priceless. A perfect “oh no he didn’t” if ever I saw one.

Krazy Kooz

No one mentioned the crazy, tourette spouting bitch.  Not once.

Goddess willing, next month, her sorry ass will be back in Wasilla, blowing polar bears.

found this on the interwebs, and I fixed it up a bit. enjoy.


One response to “The Adventures of Grampy McShambles

  1. I didn’t think the ‘that one’ comment was as bad as his calling Obama’s friends cronies. But to hear McCain rallies today at which his supporters chant “terrorist” refferring to Obama was really frightening. Gotta love that compassionate conservativism. The Palin rally has the secret service now looking to find the supporter who yelled ” kill him”. It really must be embarrassing for anyone to admit they’re a conservative these days.

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