Yesterday – Sunday, was the date of Paul’s Memorial. It was at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, and many, many people were there. I met Paul’s parents. His Mother is an ABSOLUTE RINGER for my own mom. Same hair/dress/face/mannerisms. It was amazing. Like seeing my own mother.

I feel so drained, emotionally. It was really hard. 

I feel relieved that it’s all over, and depressed and blue as well. It’s now one day short of three weeks since Paul died.  And the world goes on, doesn’t it?

I heard the best descriptive of Sarah Palin yesterday. “screaming eel”   ….    that cheered me up.

Also, I hasn’t helped that I’ve got the worst cold from hell right now. Head feels like it’s filled with concrete.

Please, oh god or whatever, let McGoo go apeshit crazy at the last debate. He’s so close to it right now.

The secret service detail claims that Cindy McCain has upped her rat ingestion rate. She’s currently eating 3 rats BEFORE NOON! must be depressed……

5 responses to “Depression

  1. It seems fitting that someone who showed you the magic in you should have his memorial at the Magic Castle.

  2. Thinking of you buddy 😉

  3. on an intersting note wordpress lists Paul Newman’s passing as being a possibly related topic. Anyway I hope you’re feeling better soon. One thing that cheered me up today was the news that Paul Krugman won the economics Nobel prize. His book the great unraveling does a great job of describing the economic situation today and how we got here. I highly recommend it.

  4. the healing begins now….let the tears fall on their own and eventually good memories will fill the void of emptiness that you are feeling right now.
    trust that Paul is watching over all of us now and the adventures we take from this day forward will be in his memory.

  5. I hate this for you. For what it is worth, I am thinking of you. I do know that your presence at his service (despite your cold) was a real comfort to his family. I have “been there” and the fact that you showed up for them means so much. A lot, in fact.

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